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Bhayaa Deewana Shah Ka

Roop Kaur

Mar 4, 2010
Sat Sri Akal my fellow SPN'ers!

I'm hoping I've posted this where it should be. Although I'm sure the marvellous admin will move it if required :grinningkaur:

I came across this shabad the other day, and was simply blown away by it's beauty. I just thought I'd share it with you guys. I think it is by a man named Parminder Singh. Anyone know him?

Anyway, enjoy! I know it doesn't sound like the traditional 'vaaja, tabla' kirtan shabad's, but it still warmed my heart :)

YouTube - bhyaa dewanaa shah ka

Rab rakha.
Roop Kaur


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
roop kaur ji

I checked the comments on the YouTube site for the video. Often there are bits and pieces of information that answer questions you have. There was nothing there. So I posted the video on facebook with questions. On my list of facebook friends are several people who are really steeped in Indian music, sangeet traditions, sometimes even Hindi and Persian variations on musical styles of kirtan. There is a good chance that answers will surface. So let's give it a day or two.

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