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Pir Buddhu Shah In The Court Of Guru Gobind Singh

Discussion in 'History of Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, Jan 12, 2010.

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    According to the Bikrami calendar (lunar calendar) the actual date fluctuates and the birthday can occur twice in a given year due to accumulating errors in calendar calculations. The Nanakshahi calendar designed by a Ph.D physicist is the most accurate calendar designed so far.

    The scene in the picture above shows the revered Muslim saint, Pir Buddhu Shah, offering his four sons to the aid of the Sikhs for the Battle Of Bhangani Sahib. At the battle of Bhangani Sahib, 2000 Khslsa soldiers in the Guru’s Army met the opposing forces of the Mughul Sultanate and the Hindu Hill Rajas; numbering about 10,000 men in total. And though the Sikhs prevailed, all four sons of Pir Buddhu Shah attained martyrdom in this battle.


    Note: The Batchittar Natak portion of the so-called Dasam Granth purports to describe the battle of Bhangani Sahib but completely fails to mention the absolutely stellar event of the martyrdom of Pir Buddhu Shah’s four sons (may peace be upon them). This immediately raises the issue of the authenticity of this portion of the book and the suspicion that a portion of the composition was crafted by Hindu writers.
    The Dasam Granth is a tract where Guru Gobind Singh’s writing have been mixed in with highly profane writings and writings of sexual depravity. The so-called dasam granth was first printed under various names by Arya Samaj printing presses in the City Of Ludhiana at the turn of the twentieth century. The founder of the Arya Samaj movement, Dayanand was stabbed to death by a natch girl (prostitute dancer) in a kotha (brothel) in the City of Ludhiana, Punjab at the turn of the century. The Arya Samaj movement is a supremicist Hindu Aryan Religious movement that came to the Punjab to hinduize the Sikh faith.
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