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    Guru-Sikh Relation & Other Articles

    Please see Attachment, Guru-Sikh.wps.text. - Bharat Vir Singh
  2. V

    How To Deal With Rakhi(and Other Pagan Rituals)

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Like birds,Plants and Animal the Festival do have 'caste' in hindusm ie Rakhi(for Brahmins),Dashraha for Kshtriyas) and Dewali (for Vaishyas and Sudras) Das has no real sister.Das was hindu and rest of his family is still hindu. Before becoming Sikh Das use to...
  3. V

    Birs(copy Of Guru Granth Ji) In Scripts Other Than Gurmukhi

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh The above are the post by <admin cut> and reply to him by a Sikh who speaks Haryanavi from forum of sgpc.net. Das did not like anything said wron about Khari Bir too as it contains all the contents of Mithi birs so it as to be equaly respected. But a new...
  4. Admin

    How Sikhism Views Other Religions

    Tolerance in Religion How Sikhism views other Religions ? by I.J. Singh During the past decade, the Sikh religion - my faith - has received a lot of attention, much of it negative. My charge today is not to defend the record of the Sikhs, so I will not. I will present to you how their...
  5. I

    Other Sikh Texts?

    Hi there - Which other texts are highly regarded by Sikhs, aside from the Adi Granth? Thanks. :)
  6. P

    Q: How Do Sikhs Look At People From Other Religion?

    A: Sikhs believe that Sikhism is the best, simplest and most straightforward way of realizing the present of God, to be One with Him and attain salvation. However, anyone who truly believes in One God and worships One Almighty God is on right track. Sikhs believe that all those that believe...