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Guru-Sikh Relation & Other Articles

Jun 1, 2004
THE GURU - SIKH RELATION by Bharat Vir Singh Ji

There is a certain ‘magic’ in the Universe.Things will happen if conditions are met.Things will happen for the Sikhs if Guru’s injunction is obeyed.As soon as you mention ‘Sikh’,the Guru comes into the picture.Sikh and Guru go together.Sikh means disciple of the Master,the Guru.You can’t have one without the other.Sikhism is not about disciples alone.It is about obedience to the Guru’s word.What the Guru says,goes.That is Sikhi.And things will happen exactly as Gurbani says,provided you obey the Guru’s word or Hukam.

Gurbani says,“Hukam maniyaih payiyeh” meaning “Through obedience you gain(attain God).God’s Will is to be obeyed and accepted.God’s,hence Guru’s,wisdom is supreme.Our intellect is limited,imperfect.Guru is perfect.He knows God.Therefore he knows best,and Sikh is supposed to obey Guru’s Hukam in order to achieve his heart’s content.

The Sikh Guru is a spiritual being who is completely in tune with God’s universal power of the cosmos.That is why he can make things happen.He is like a spiritual magician ,but his magic is not for show like that of the worldly magicians.Guru’s magic is for the benefit of mankind,for the benefit of his Sikhs.Guru’s powers are real and positive.

If Guru says keep 5 Kakaars,you say ‘Yes Sir!’You obey.If Guru says I want your head,you say,‘Here it is my Lord’ and bow at his feet.There is no arguing with the Guru.Those who do,haven’t learned the first lesson of Sikhi.

You cannot debate the necessity or effectiveness of wearing the long uncut hair or the 5 K’s.Guru has done enough research on his own to know the goodness and benefit of wearing the 5K’s.He is not a mortal intellectual like you.He KNOWS the highest science of this universe.That is final.You have to accept.Whether you like it or not.And you have to trust the Guru that he knows what is best for you.Guru is manifestation of God Himself.He is all-kindness,all-powerful,all-knowing and free from all human weakness.The Sikh Guru is the Perfect Guru.Those who argue with Guru’s hukam are only victims of their own shallow egoistic self.They try to justify their personal desires by resorting to high-flown logic and debate which is all futile in the context of true Sikhi and Sikh philosophy.

Guru doesn’t punish you for not obeying.You automatically get bad results if you don’t obey,because that is the Law Guru operates on.That is the Law of Truth.Guru only remonstrates with you and shows you the right way.He persuades you,convinces you.With love,with kindness and understanding,like a good father.Guru is Father and Mother,Brother and Sister,Lover and Friend.He is your everything.That is the relation of Guru to Sikh.Those who know this relation,enjoy life truly - in this world and the next.

Those who go against the Guru suffer terribly,though Guru is forever forgiving.If the Guru so desires,even a bad disobedient person can be saved.It is all His Will.Guru may insist on obedience but he does allow you space to flourish and develop as a worldly human being in other fields.In fact he helps you develop perfectly for your own good.Following Guru’s instruction,you are successful in all spheres of life.
Guru has superior intelligence,because his intelligence comes entirely from God.It is not adulterated by his own ego.In fact he has no ego.He has merged his self into the Supreme Self or God.We can also merge our will into God’s Will provided we follow Guru’s Hukam.By obeying and aligning with the Guru we attain God.

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