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    Sikh News New Book On Guru Nanak Dev Ji

    Hope you're aware of the new book on Guru Nanak by one of our fellow Sikh.Diasporans, Eleanor Nesbitt. Part of the UK's Indic Values Series it is titled simply Guru Nanak and costs about 9 pounds. The publisher is Bayeux Arts, Canada and religious and Moral Education Press, U.K.
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    Mardana Listening To Baba Nanak

    Enrapt Mardana listening to Baba Nanak delivering his spiritual song Mughal circa 1740 (collection Bhai Suchet Singh Vill Bhai Rupa, Moga) from Sikh Heritage- Dr Daljeet 2004
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    Sikh News Guru Nanak College To Become Sikh Rest House

    Guru Nanak College to become Sikh rest house Staff Report LAHORE: The Guru Nanak Degree College is to be converted into a rest house for Sikh pilgrims as part of development plans for the area by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) and the Punjab government, sources reported on Saturday...
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    Guru Nanak In Tibbet

    GURU NANAK IN TIBET by Tarungpa Tulku (As published in the Indian Express, March 6th, 1966) Tibetan Spiritual Leader, philosopher and Nobel laureate, His Holiness Dalai Lama On Guru Nanak Dev Ji: "Guru Nanak due to his unique lifestyle, is the brightest star amongst the most brilliant...
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    Na Koi Hindu Na Koi Mussalman - Guru Nanak

    Fellow Members, What did Guru Nanak mean by his statement "Na Koi Hindu Na Koi Mussalman"? Is it that, 1. He is neither hindu nor mussalman? 2. To God there is no differennce between a hindu and mussalman, or whoever ? 3. People should not call themselves hindu or mussalman? 4. He...
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    Islam The Mission Of Guru Nanak : A Muslim Appraisal

    The Mission of Guru Nanak : A Muslim Appraisal by Professor Mushirul Haq Copyright © Professor Mushirul Haq -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking back to the days of my childhood I still remember that I had no chance of seeing a Sikh...
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    Baba Nanak And 'His Islamic Chola'

    I read about this on other forum... what are your views ? Pleae read the whole article and them comment... Baba nanak and 'his islamic chola by Lakhvir Singh Lucky http://www.punjabilok.com/faith/guru_nanak/gurnan_islamicchola.htm
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    Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Mission

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Mission by Janmeet Singh Pyare Sadh Sangat Ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!! I would like to share the following: I have previously misinterpreted Guru Nanak Dev Ji's way of dealing with the existing religions of the world as sympathetic. I saw in our...
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    Guru Nanak! Please, Come Again By Gurbaksh Singh

    During the early forties, I was a student studying at the Khalsa Collegiate School, Amritsar. The students were taken to the gurdwara for celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev. One of us read a poem in Panjabi with the title, Guru Nanak! Please, come again. "We need you very urgently...
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    Nanak In Faith And History

    Off the shelf Nanak in faith and history V. N. Datta Janamsakhi Tradition: An Analytical Study by Dr Kirpal Singh. Singh Brothers, Amritsar. Pages 254. Rs 395. Guru Nanak never wrote or left any record of his life and achievements, while his contemporary, Babur, bequeathed to...
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    Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet?

    Sikhs do call, Guru Nanak as their Prophet. Which is wrong, becos hazrat Muhammad [SAW]was the last prophet, and all others who claim to be one, are hypocrites and false prophet. Guru Nanak was no Prophet just reformer, it would be clear by reading the fowlling. Qualities of a Prophet of...
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    Guru Nanak In Macca

    pushhan gal eemaan dhee kaazee mulaa(n) eikat(h)ae hoee|| Qazi and maulvis got together and began discussing religion. vaddaa saa(n)g varathaaeiaa lakh n sakae kudharath koee|| A great fantasy has been created and no one could understood its mystery. pushhan khol...
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    Was Guru Nanak A Prophet?

    Was Guru Nanak a prophet on lines of Jesus or Mohammad ? Please put some light on the issue. Regards
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    Islam Was Guru Nanak A Muslim?

    Somebody asked...
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    Teachings Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Guru Gobind Singh Ji : A Comparative Study

    Somebody said... "Guru Gobind based his teachings on Hermetic thought and that Guru Nanak was clearly influenced by Templar culture and chivalry" What are your views? Please be objective in your discussion. Thank you.