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  1. R

    Who Is Marrying Sikh Men?

    This thread is redirected from a different thread, entitled Can Sikh Girl Marry a Hindu Boy? The discussion took a turn away from the main topic and began to look at who Sikh women in fact marry. Are they marrying Sikh Men in lesser percentages. Is this a trend toward more inter-faith marriages...
  2. R

    Man Deceives Woman Into Marrying Him. Inducts Her Into Flesh Trade

    Man deceives woman into marrying him Inducts her into flesh trade Kulwinder Sandhu Tribune News Service Moga, December 16 A man allegedly forced a young Dalit woman into prostitution after marrying her fraudulently and kept her under the influence of intoxicants for about two months...
  3. spnadmin

    Man Killed For Marrying Upper Caste Girl

    n yet another case of susepcted honour killing, a man who had married an upper caste girl, was allegedly abducted and killed by his in-laws, police said here today. The body of Raja Ram, a Majhabi Sikh, who had married Manjit Kaur, who belonged to the Ramdasia sect, against the wishes of...
  4. M

    A Sikh Marrying In Different Caste

    SSA all members, I never believe in castes but my parents strongly believe in caste system. The problem has risen when i told my parents that i love a girl who doesn't belong to our caste. According to my parents the girl belongs to scheduled caste. i told my parents that the girl's family has...
  5. S

    Islam Sikh Girls Marrying Muslims

    this all is a propaganda...........................................................
  6. K

    Arts/Society Marrying Cousins

    When I started surfing sikh sites I found sikhs from rural punjab don't even marry within their pind forget about marrying cousins.But I was raised with the beleif That marrying from mothers side is totally allowed.It happened a lot in my father's(Arora) side and in mothers(Khatri) side too.What...
  7. S

    Sikh Marrying Non-Sikh

    Well, I'm in a dillema with my parents. I'm in love with a thai girl who is formally a budhist but my parents are not very fond of my decision. Is it really a problem with marrying a non-sikh?
  8. G

    Marrying A Nonsikh

    i got my answers ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
  9. E

    Marrying A Girl Wearing A Turban

    Just a thought that came across my mind after reading the post of sister truthseeker and amerikaurji.. http://www.sikhism.us/sikh-youth/5559-earrings-rings-make-up.html That how many guys among us here would marry a girl who wears a turban, no makeup, earrings etc...? and similarly how many...
  10. D

    Sikh Marrying Muslims Marrying Sikhs

    Hey I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed here, i'm sure it has but i could not find it in the forums.. i was wondering.. can muslims and sikhs get married?.... are sikhs against it? are muslims against it? Sikhism says - Consider...