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mahala pehla

  1. Archived_Member16

    India First Sikh Woman Preacher To Study Meeting Of Guru Nanak And Srimanta Sankardev In Barpeta 1505

    Guru Nanak and Sankardev said to have met in Barpeta in 1505 BIJOY KR SHARMA Dhubri, Dec. 10: Harpreet Kaur Khalsa still finds it hard to believe that two great saints separated by thousands of kilometres could have met five centuries ago. She is referring to Guru Nanak Dev and Srimanta...
  2. Admin Singh

    Conception And Aim Of Education According To Guru Nanak

    Conception and Aim of Education According to Guru Nanak Dr. Amrit Raina* * Principal, Mata Gujri Girls College, Sardulgarh (Mansa) 151507. Propounder of a new religion, Guru Nanak was a versatile genius who dealt with all phases of life elaborately. He wrote profusely on religion, philosophy...
  3. spnadmin

    Gurus The Final Resting Place Of Guru Nanak

    Some wheat, some chaff. That's life. These are high holy days for Sikhs as we mark the birth of Guru Nanak, the Founder of Sikhi. Let's p{censored} a parable of his life from the end of his days. We know that anything and anyone that lives a life as flesh must perish and die one day. Everyone...
  4. Admin Singh

    Gurus Humanism Of Guru Nanak

    Humanism of Guru Nanak by J.S. Sarna (Jaipur) Guru Nanak’s humanism was entirely modern in outlook and expression. His approach to life was, in a way, reverse of the old prevailing beliefs and values. He sought to establish a casteless society based on socio-economic equality. Guru Nanak...
  5. S

    Sikh News Obama Greets Sikhs On Guru Nanak Anniversary

    WASHINGTON: United States President Barack Obama has extended his greetings on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. More...
  6. Admin Singh

    The Jap Ji Of Guru Nanak : Its Doctrinal Basis

    The Japuji of Guru Nanak : Its Doctrinal Basis Sirdar Kapur Singh The Japu is the first text included in Guru Granth Sahib. It is held by many scholars that the Japu contains the main thesis of the Sikh religion and that the rest of the Guru Granth is merely exegetic. This is the reason why a...
  7. S

    Sikh News President Obama Honors Guru Nanak Dev Ji

    Founder of Sikhism died in 471 years ago. More...
  8. Archived_Member16

    Vatican Congratulates Sikh Community On Prakash Divas Of Siri Guru Nanak Sahib

    Vatican Congratulates Sikh Community on Prakash Divas of Siri Guru Nanak Sahib World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR) P.O. Box 3635, Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA Phone: 972.985.9591 Fax: 888-398-1875 E-mail: contact@worldsikhcouncil.org Web: www.worldsikhcouncil.org Contact...
  9. spnadmin

    Gurus Guru Nanak Sahib (Jayanti November 28)

    A place to participate! Please upload your favorite shabad, video, mp3 file or article and make this thread a great repository of resources about Guru Nanak. welcomekaur More is better!
  10. Chaan Pardesi

    Events October 30th: Saka Punja Sahib (Sikhs Of Guru Nanak Dev)

    October 30th: Saka Punjab Sahib (Sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji) Oct 30 2010 07:00 PM | On the 8th August, 1922 A.D., the police arrested five Singhs for cutting Acacia wood for langar (community kitchen) from uncultivated land attached to Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh. Everyone was sentenced to a...
  11. dalvindersingh grewal

    Philosophy Of Communication Of Guru Nanak

    Introduction One is wonderstruck at the effectiveness of Guru Nanak's communication. Whomsoever he communicated with, the impact was instant and positive. He communicated at home, at workplace or during his travels; he communicated with relatives & friends, employers, religious leaders...
  12. dalvindersingh grewal

    Semiotics In Guru Nanak’s Hymns

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  13. S

    Sikh News Guru Nanak's 523rd Wedding Anniversary Celebrated

    Hundreds of devotees from all walks of life congregated in this industrial town today to take part in various programmes to mark the 523rd marriage anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the first guru of Sikhism. More...
  14. S

    Sikh News 523rd Marriage Anniversary Of Guru Nanak Dev Celebrated

    Batala (Punjab), Sep 14 (PTI) Hundreds of devotees from all walks of life congregated in this industrial town today to take part in various programmes to mark the 523rd marriage anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the first guru of Sikhism. More...
  15. Archived_Member16

    Canada Suspect Sought In Guru Nanak Temple Shooting

    August 29, 2010 Suspect sought in Guru Nanak Temple shooting By Anna Mehler Paperny From Monday's Globe and Mail Prominent Surrey contractor wounded in the leg in targeted shooting at Sikh wedding Police are seeing a suspect in a targeted weekend shooting in one of North America's largest...
  16. B

    Gurus What Was In Guru Nanak's Potli?

    We all know that Guru Nanak spent many years of his life traveling across the South East Asia. Ever wondered what all did he carry with him in all his travels? Please reply to this post by suggesting what items Guru Nanak would have carried in all his travels. Please respond with the item name...
  17. spnadmin

    Canada Surrey Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Society ‘denounces’ Shooting On Its Premise

    New York, Aug 29 (ANI): The Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara Society in Surrey has strongly denounced a shooting in its parking lot on Saturday during a wedding. "This event or the individuals involved have no connection with this Gurdwara and the Gurdwara strongly condemns this and every act of...
  18. spnadmin

    Sikh Guru Nanak's Teachings On Animated Video (Chief's Forum)

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  19. dalvindersingh grewal

    Gurus Guru Nanak In Maharashtra

    I had the good luck to be connected with Maharashtra for over seven years in various capacities. During my stay in Maharashtra I have been able to visit almost every part of the state, and was astonished and pleased to find the Name of Guru Nanak in many parts, even in the remote areas. Sikhism...
  20. spnadmin

    Sikhism Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen For The Homeless, Vancouver, BC

    <object height="385" width="480"> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QipjmnbEgiw&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="385" width="480"></object>