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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Christianity Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child To Believe In Science, Not God

    Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child to Believe in Science, Not God By Babble.com | Parenting – 3 hours ago Every two or three blocks on the avenues of downtown Brooklyn, a big old stone church rises from the ranks of the brownstones. A couple of weeks ago, my little boy Felix...
  2. Archived_Member16

    India Badals Afraid Of Losing Sehajdhari Case: Dr Ranu

    Badals afraid of losing Sehajdhari case: Dr Ranu Tuesday, October, 30 2012 - 16:26 CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal met the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister yesterday regarding the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara...
  3. B

    I'm Losing Faith In Sikhi, Help

    Im 20 years old born and raised in canada and in a sikh household. Always have had faith in god and sikhism. however now I seem to struggle with faith. I question everything and find answers on my own to many but some things just leave me with a detached feeling from god. I hate it because in my...
  4. S

    Losing Faith

    Hi all, i've just recently joined this site and i'm not sure if i'm in the right place to post my thread - anyway i hope you can help. I have had alot of ups and downs in my life, but no matter what i have always kept faith in my sikh religion. Recently, things have become very bad for me...
  5. Admin

    Losing Faith . And Getting Back In The Game

    Losing Faith ... And Getting Back In The Game by PRITHI HARD KAUR It's easy to have faith when life is going well, but not always so easy when every reference point you previously used to orientate yourself has slipped away. I have just passed through one of these phases. I'm not quite sure...
  6. T

    I'm Losing More And More Faith In Sikhism/God Everyday. Please Help!

    Recently I have been stressing out over exams and other stuff and not taken a break from my life in the last few months to consider religion, up until the christmas holidays. I've always considered myself a Sikh and over these holidays ive been thinking alot about religion, how i want to live...
  7. A

    Losing Faith In Being Religious

    i am persuaing an engineering degree and most of the time i just have to devote time to my studies and family only. i get so stressed with work that being a strict follower of my religion becomes almost not possible. i do talk to God on my own, thank him on every good occasion and do pray him...
  8. spnadmin

    Christianity Intelligent Design: Losing The Catholics

    Admin note: Darwin's theory of evolution has been the official position regarding the science of evolution of the Roman Catholic Church since the last century. John Farrell Author, The Day Without Yesterday: Lemaitre, Einstein and the Birth of Modern Cosmology This has not been a good...
  9. A

    FAQs Losing My Culture

    I am starting to feel disconnected from my culture because of my weak pujabi and im not sure what to do, i really want to stay connected with my culture and i also feel less of a punjabi because of it.
  10. K

    Sikhs Losing Since 1848

    Recently I was thinking that after creation of khalsa in 1699 sikhs emerged as power.For first 150 years the time was toughest for khalsa still they keep on winning.Everytime when someone tried to destroy them they emerged as bigger power and sikhism became popular and spread among people...
  11. S

    Study Shows Religion May Keep Believers From Losing Their Cool

    Study Shows Religion may keep believers from losing their cool [March 5th, 2009 by Charles Lewis, National Post Source: www.nationalpost.com] Religion may or may not be the opiate of the masses but a new study says it may keep believers from losing their cool when things go wrong. "These...
  12. Admin

    Losing My Religion By Amar Prakash Singh

    Taken from another resource on Internet... http://transition-into-infinity.blogspot.com/ Today, I have made the decision to lose my religion. This is not to say that I am leaving the Spiritual Path that was given to me by Guru Nanak but that I am losing this religion called Sikhism. That's me...
  13. Admin

    Losing Faith And Identity

    Both Gurpreet S. Gosal and Amandeep S. Dhami symbolize a lost first generation of Punjabi youth turning to a life strife with crime and hooliganism. The majority of Sikh youth growing up as the first generation of immigrants come from homes where both parents have to work extreme hours to make...
  14. S

    Sikh News Control Punjab Before Losing Control (Hindustan Times)

    Peace-loving citizens of Punjab are hoping that Sunday passes off without incident, reports Pankaj Vora. More...
  15. S

    Sikh News Control Punjab Before Losing Control (Hindustan Times)

    The violence that has spilled over from Punjab to neighbouring areas brings back memories of the Nirankari agitation of the 1970s. Sectarian violence has been the bane of many parts of modern India and Punjab is no exception. More...
  16. N

    Losing My Religion

    Right Jab: Losing my religion by Tejpal Singh Swatch I am a Sikh. I grew up in this country, among thousands of others like me, a visible minority. But it still happens to me. "Ummm, Tej? Can I...can I ask you a question?" Here we go. I've learned to recognise most of these moments...
  17. Admin

    Losing Hope In God!

    As narrated by one of my friends, BabbarSher :)