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India Badals Afraid Of Losing Sehajdhari Case: Dr Ranu

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Badals afraid of losing Sehajdhari case: Dr Ranu

Tuesday, October, 30 2012 - 16:26


The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal met the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister yesterday regarding the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Amendment Bill 2012 and apprised that the Act cannot be amended by a mere notification as the High Court has already quashed the notification of the Union Home Ministry debarring the Sehajdhari Sikhs from voting in the SGPC.

The Sehajdhari Sikh Party’s National Chief Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu reacted to the Badals version and said that the PM has no need to work under the pressure of the Badals. Issuing a press note he said that the duo has met the PM only in apprehension of losing the Sehajdhari voting case in the Supreme Court as the date is nearer in last week of November and the presently elected SGPC is at nullity as the SC has not stayed the order of the High Court. Ranu said, “The Badals are trying to exert political pressure by threatening the Centre but are lacking courage to face the fact of the legal status of the issue. If they are so serious they should come forwards and sit in the Public before the Sehajdharis in an open debate.”

He said that soon a delegation of Sehajdharis shall also meet the PM and Home Minister to apprise them the fact that as per the Census 2011 conducted by the Union Home Ministry the Punjab Sikh population is about 1.75 lakh and only 55 lakh Sikh were enrolled as voters by the Gurdwara Election Commission during SGPC elections. Leaving 50 lakh as underage and minors remaining 70 lakh persons recognized as Sikhs in the Census report were not allowed to vote in the SGPC elections labeling them as Sehajdhari and Patit.

Dr.Ranu warned that if any step for amendment in the Sikh Gurdwara Act was carried out against Sehajdharis through the Parliament under the pressure of Badals the Sehajdharis would be constrained to hold protests before the Parliament and would also go for hunger strikes unto death. Ranu said, “We have fought the issue head to nail for the last ten years and got justice from the Court and the verdict of the Court is a signal from the Gurus that Amritdharis (baptized Sikhs) and Sehajdharis are the sons of the same guru.”

Ranu said that PM Manmohan Singh is also a Sehajdhari Sikh and they will question him that if Sehajdharis are to be thrown out of the religious main stream then they should be given a separate status for minority and a separate religion for their existence.He raised question for the Badals that if a person born in Hindu family is a Hindu , a person born in Muslim family is a Muslim , a person born in Christian family is a Christian they why a person born in a Sikh family can not to be a Sikh.

He said that any person who is not an Amritdhari is a Sehajdhari as a person who has never taken Amrit, he cannot be a Patit because only an Amritdhari Sikh becomes Patit when he violates the Amrit. He added that as on today 85% of the world Sikh population is of the Sehajdhari Sikhs and ignoring the Sehajdhari Sikhs in the present scenario is not only an ignorance but also impossible.

source: http://www.punjabnewsline.com/news/Badals-afraid-of-losing-Sehajdhari-case_-Dr-Ranu.html


Dec 25, 2011
This entire episode is very unfortunate (very soon will be shameful to entire community) . These matters should be sorted out internally by discussions and not by court.

Sikhs are the only community which don't want to accept people born in their own religion. Why we want to reduce the population of sikh community by putting so many prerequisites ?
I have never seen any Hindu/Muslim/Christian claiming that he is sikh.


Jan 4, 2010
sehajdhari was term used for hindu and muslims who believed in sikh way of life style .
who are sehajdhari sikh ? thats made up for somthing anti sikh . akal thakht is supreme court of sikh . this issue should be resolved there not in partial indian judicial court
sikhs are only amritdhari or non amritdhari
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Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
sikhs are only amritdhari or non amritdhari

Not so, there are Nihangs, Nirankaris, 3Hos, Patits, Petites, Keshdhari, Sehajdhari, Sanatan, Radhaswami, Naamdhari, and I am sure a whole lot more!

Even under the amritdhari banner, there are those that believe in reincarnation, those that do not, those that eat meat, those that do not,
Nov 23, 2010
He raised question for the Badals that if a person born in Hindu family is a Hindu , a person born in Muslim family is a Muslim , a person born in Christian family is a Christian they why a person born in a Sikh family can not to be a Sikh.
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/showthread.php?t=39376
I don't know about initiation rites in islam or hinduism but Catholics need to be baptized (done shortly after birth and not by choice) and later receive confirmation, done normally as a teenager If these things aren't done you can't marry in the church and your childern won't be deemed as legitimate.


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
becheema ji, the ceremony of Amrit Sanchar was added to Sikhi during 1699, not there to divide Sikhi.

PS: Am afraid tomorrow they might say that vegetarians cannot vote in SGPC elections. Faith and politics should not mix.


Apr 24, 2006
Harry ji , Now sikhs have classification , was these classification were there at birth of khalsa
Yes, nirmalas, udasis, nihangs, what we would now call sehajdharis, the lineages from Gurus' relatives - Ram Rai etc, kabir panthis, nanak panthis, nanak shahis, the list goes on, ever expanding and contracting.

There was never a "pure" panth to begin with.



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