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guru granth sahib

  1. K

    Siddh Gosht: A Dialog On Empowered Living

    Dear all, Vahgur ji ka Khalsa, Vahgur ji ki Fateh! It is a pleasure to see that there are so many on SPN interested in learning and growing thru dialogue. I invite you all to visit my website www.1infinite.com, where I have begun posting from my book "Siddh Gosht: A Dialog on Empowered...
  2. A

    Grammer / Vyakarn Sikhbookclub.com Has 70% Of The Bhai Vir Singh Works Available

    Sikhbookclub.com has 70% of the Bhai Vir Singh work scanned in PDF, please review it, available free. We do have Sant Singh Maskeen (15 gb katha) and Pinderpal singhJi (4gb) Sewadars
  3. A

    Guru Granth Sahib Free

    Guru Granth Sahibs are available for Pickup in Los Angeles, comes with chaur sahib( fly wisk) and roomals. No donation or cost. Will ship it free if there is no Bir Available(must email gurudwara phone no for verification)
  4. Harry Haller

    Hukamnama-No Different To Reading A Horoscope?

    Gurfatehji I would like some clarifiation as to the procedure of Hukamnama. From what I understand, a random page is selected, and the Shabad can provide an answer to a troubling question. This does not sit hugely well with my interpretation of the SGGS as the ultimate book of knowledge and...
  5. S

    Are Copies Of Guru Granth Sahib Being Disrespected At A Local Library?

    Satnam cyber sangat ji, I go to my local library often to have some quiet time to read a book and enjoy the atmosphere. One time I was taking a stroll through the religious section to get a book on Sikhi and learn more about our beautiful history in depth. As I was scoping out a variety of...
  6. K

    The Importance Of KESH For A Sikh

    The Importance of KESH for a Sikh The birth as a human being is very difficult, before taking birth as a human one has to take birth in 84 lakhs ‘joons’ according to one’s deeds. If someone percives birth as human being he/she has to find a good teacher (guru) to attain eternal happiness...
  7. spnadmin

    Sikhism Dictionary Of Mythological References In Guru Granth Sahib (Surinder Singh Kohli)

    The study of myth is of great importance in the study of individual societies and human culture. The myths of a people reflect and explore the image of that people. Generally speaking, a myth is a kind of communication, but in religion it is the symbolic narration. Such a narrative is believed...
  8. J

    Book Recommendations By Forum Member Jaspinder Singh

    An excellent steek of Guru Granth Sahib by Dr. Darshan Singh is now available . The steek is an excellent effort on the part of Dr. Darshan Singh who has given his everything to bring out this masterpiece for the Sikhs around the world . This steek is an excellent Translation of complete Guru...
  9. Admin

    Events Compilation The Adi Granth

    By this time, Sri Harimandar Sahib, the Golden Temple, was almost complete. Baba Prithi Chand, Guru Arjan’s eldest brother was very angry that there were two things that made Sikhs united and strong. One, the city of Amritsar and the Sri Harimandar Sahib were social, political and religious...
  10. V

    Idol Worship Of AGGS

    IDOL WORSHIP OF AGGS ABSTRACT Idol worship – It is the worship of sacred objects personifing but not God with adoration, devotion, profound reverent love, and allegiance accorded to a deity/idol/sacred religious scripture or picture as opposed to the worship pf a monotheistic God...
  11. F

    Another Question

    I was wondering about an object I saw that was being waved over the Guru Granth Sahib. I have a three part question that I would like for somebody to help me with. What is this thing called? What is the significance of it's use? What is the historical background of it's use? I guess the real...