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gurmat vichar

  1. Gurmat Ki Hai | Brahm Gyan Ki Hai | Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda | Jan 2, 2016

    Gurmat Ki Hai | Brahm Gyan Ki Hai | Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda | Jan 2, 2016

    Published on Jan 2, 2016 - Exclusive Katha by Bhai Sarbjit Singh Dhunda, where he talks about Gurmat and Brahm Gyan. He also warns about not to fall pray to the worldly man made babe and to believe in one and only Guru Granth Sahib's words. Please feel free to comment and share the video if you...
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    Gurbani Wichar

    gurbani wichar
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    "Gurmat Vichar"

    SAT SRI AKAAL, "THANK'S" a lot for sending posts on "GURMAT" Vichar section I am sorry to delete the other posts from my mail box, "GURMAT" says to correct "ONE's" own action, one shall not stop server for sending mails on man made discussions. Check "OWN" self is the "Way to Life"...
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    Bhagats A Reminder From Bhagat Kabir Ji

    A Reminder from Bhagat Kabir Ji As Sikhs we seriously try to pay attention to our Lord; however, intoxicating Maya keeps us dragging away from Him. Bit by bit we lose precious time of our life. Maya loots us all the time, very rarely we realize about this robbery that takes place within us...
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    A Journey To Him Described By Satguru

    A Journey to Him Described by Satguru The following Shabad I am going to share with all SPN Sangat is very popular since it has been sung by different Ragis. It is by fifth Nanak in Rag Soohi. It is an emotional journey worded by Sahib ji. Here it is: ਸੂਹੀ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ॥ ਉਮਕਿਓ ਹੀਉ ਮਿਲਨ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਤਾਈ ॥...
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    Universal Appeal In Sikhism

    Universal Appeal in Sikhism Most of the time religions get controlled by those people who are not even abiding by the basic principles of religions. People with open minds face a big problem in this aspect. Today, when democracy is on the rise, citizenry is free...
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    Secret Revealed By Satguru

    SECRET REVEALED BY SATGURU In Mlaar Ki Vaar Satguru Nanak hints about the secret of His being in every body. Satguru starts with the ultimate truth about His being inexpressible; however, who mediate on Him, get lost in Him. In simple words they become aware of the secret and get involved...
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    Stop Disrespecting Satguru Nanak

    STOP DISRESPECTING SATGURU NANAK It is seen and observed that people stray from the real principles of their religions.Usually it happens due to religion -competition as it is done in business marketing. In this context only those suffer who are really interested in taking advantage of the...
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    An Introduction To Japji Sahib Part 2

    An Introduction To Jap Ji ( Part 2 & 3) Whenever I get a chance, I strongly urge people to study Guru Granth Sahib Ji to understand its advocacy to bring harmony...
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    An Introduction To Jap Ji Sahib

    Sat Sree Akaal To All ! This thread is dedicated to Namjap,Aman Singh,aad0002 ,Sikh80,Sardara123, ambardhara and also who are truly devoted to Sikh cause. An Introduction To Japji Sahib (Part 1 out 3) A lot of books are written by various writers on JAPJI Sahib in Punjabi as well in...
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    What Is Gurmat Vichaar?

    Respected kaur-1 Ji, as per your request. I am not a good writer, will try to put my thoughts together on the subject. Please assist me whaerever you can. Gurbani teaches us to do- Naam Simran, Practice Contentment, Practice Physical and Mental control, Gurbani Vichaar and Selfless Seva...