1. Tejwant Singh

    USA Florida Court Voids Adoption Of Millionaire’s Girlfriend As Sham

    A Not So Goodman: Florida Court Voids Adoption Of Millionaire’s Girlfriend As Sham John Goodman, 48, recently lost his freedom for 16 years and now it...
  2. P

    Help! Im A White British Guy With A Sikh Girlfriend

    Okay so first of all i want to say i hope i don't offend anyone with this post, that's not why i'm here. My story: Im a 20 year old white british guy, my girlfriend is a 17 year old sikh. We have been going out for over a year now and her familiy do not know i exist, I am madly in love with her...
  3. E

    Sikh Man, English Girlfriend, Need Advice About My Family

    I'm 40 years old and was married for 7 years to a sikh girl. We got divorced 3 years ago. About 18 months I met an english lady, we fell in love and now we're living together with her 13 year daughter. My family know about this, and seem to be ok about it. I see my mum and dad regularly, and...
  4. H

    Dating Situations. Arggghhhh! Help!

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.................I need some advice :): I have amrit for about 7 months now so am still new to a lot of thing, around 2-3 months ago i started dating this girl who i was confident was the one and when i started i knew about the gursikhi side to...
  5. N

    Confused About My Relationship With My Girlfriend

    i met my gf in november on the internet and we met up too. we have been together since then however if she does not txt me i start to feel upset and hurt i know im so wrong for this. i plan to marry her and i cannot help but feel attached to her. how can i feel better? your thoughts are...
  6. L

    I Need Advice/help

  7. S

    Sex, Girlfriend, Am I Allowed?

    Basically I’m a Sikh boy living in the UK. I have just turned 16 and for the past few months have been gaining allot of female attention with Sikh and Christian girls. I was wondering whether it is a sin to have a girlfriend. Does it matter what colour, race or religion she is? Is it wrong to...