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  1. E

    Sikh News Poland Has Eastern Europe's First Gurdwara:

    Poland has eastern Europe's first gurdwara: http://athens-olympics-2004.newkerala.com/?action=fullnews&id=39632
  2. N

    Sikh News First Students Expelled Over French Law

    First students expelled over French law (Agencies) Updated: 2004-10-20 20:55 Two Muslim girls who refused to remove their head scarves in class have been expelled from their schools, and two more risked the same fate Wednesday as officials began taking action against those who defy a new...
  3. B

    My First Impression Of This Website

    Sat Sri Akal and WKWF everyone!I am very impressed with this website.I hope and pray it progresses in a good and clean manner,imparting knowledge and love and harmony throughout humanity.Bole so nihaal,Sat Sri Akal!:-)
  4. N

    Does Ones Country Comes First Or Ones Religion ?

    What do you think ?
  5. Arvind

    Jagjit Singh, The First Turbaned And Bearded Sikh In The LA County Sheriffs Deptt

    Picked up this article from internet. Thanks. A new door opens for Sikhs (turbans and beards in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department) Once again Sheriff Leroy D. Baca has lead the way in the battle for equal opportunity and fair treatment for all Californians and has set an example for...