Sikh News Poland Has Eastern Europe's First Gurdwara:

Hi. I am a student in Poland, and would like to visit the gurdwara in Warsaw. However, I do not have an address, nor a telephone number. I have searched everywhere for something, but have turned up with just this site. If anyone could help me out with either a number or address that would be great. Thanks.
Hi Preeti,

The most I could find was that it is in the Rashin district of Warsaw...

By Surender Bhutani Warsaw, Oct 29 (IANS) Eastern Europe’s first gurdwara here is abuzz with activity with daily prayers on all days and community meals called langars every Sunday attracting large numbers of Sikh devotees. It was only earlier this year that the Polish government gave the Indian community permission to open a gurdwara, but the Sikh temple has already taken off in a big way. It was a challenge for the small Sikh community, which consists of only a dozen families, to take the initiative and persuade other Indians, particularly the majority Sindhi community, to contribute funds to start a proper gurdwara. J.J. Singh, president of the Indian Association, had to make a few trips to Amritsar to get proper material and religious teachers. The Amritsar-based Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandak Committee responded by loaning four preachers to the gurdwara for two years. With the initial hurdles crossed, the gurdwara is now functioning as a thriving centre of activity. Sindhis, who also have faith in Guru Nanak’s teachings though they don’t wear turbans, have been flocking to the place of worship in large numbers. Warsaw has more than 1,000 people of Indian origin, many of who have come from Dubai for their textile and electronic businesses. The gurdwara is in the city’s Rashin area where about 70 percent of Indians have their businesses. Indian Ambassador Anil Wadhwa expressed his satisfaction over the gurdwara’s smooth working. “It has become a place for the Indian community to celebrate their common festivals, apart from Sikh religious festivals known as Guru Purabs,” Wadhwa told IANS
Thanks for your help. But the Rashin area of Warsaw is a little too big, and with almost all polish people who can't speak english, it will be pretty close to impossible to find it. Again, I am very grateful for your help.
Hello, once again. I contacted the Indian embassy here in poland, and they finally emailed me back with an address and a telephone number for the gurdwara in Warsaw. :) For future reference, and for anyone else who needs it later, the address is:
Ul. Nascrayowa 56 Raszyn
Warsaw, Poland
Telephone: +48 8684541


Very well done preeti189 ji

and thank you very much for leting us know about the address and contact no.


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