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  1. Archived_Member16

    SciTech Eternal Sunshine Of The Bionic Mind: Prosthesis Could Restore Memory

    Eternal Sunshine of the Bionic Mind: Prosthesis Could Restore Memory By Tanya Lewis, LiveScience Staff Writer | LiveScience.com – Sat, 22 Jun, 2013 NEW YORK — In the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," the characters undergo a scientific procedure to erase their memory. But...
  2. Harry Haller

    Eternal Life And Sikhism

    Gurfateh, On a post the other day, I wrote something to the effect that the path of the flesh leads to death, while the path of God leads to eternal life. Later that night I was musing about the concept of eternal life, and how it fitted in with my thoughts regarding death as being basically the...
  3. spnadmin

    Gurus October 20 1708. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Declared The Eternal Guru Of The Sikhs

    Everlasting Guru BOUNDLESS SCRIPTURE OF GURU GRANTH SAHIB The Guru Granth Sahib is a sacred scripture of the world and is the Eternal Guru of the Sikhs. Because it is a scripture suitable of a universal religion, many world class philosophers and holy men consider it a unique treasure and a...
  4. spnadmin

    Humanism Does The Eternal Soul Exist?

    by Michael Graziano Neuroscientists understand, at least in general, how the biological machinery of the brain can compute information. But how does a brain become aware of information? What is sentience itself? When a specific part of the brain is damaged, does the patient lose only a...
  5. Admin

    Takht Hazur Sahib And The Eternal Guru

    "The Eternal Father willed and I raised the Panth. All my Sikhs are hereby ordered to accept the Granth as their Preceptor. Have faith in the Holy Granth as your Master and consider it the visible manifestation of the Gurus. He who hath a pure heart will seek guidance from its holy words." —...
  6. L

    Sikhi's Root In The Eternal Shabad-Guru

    Hi Naingwin1976, Once again, welcome to the forum. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay and that our interactions lead to both parties forming correct view. I also hope that we both do our upmost to remain polite, respectful but honest whilst cultivating a cordial relationship. To...
  7. P

    Worshipping The Eternal Lord

    SAt Sree Akaal Sikh 80 ji Satguru ji explains your point in Raag Maru " koyee aakhe bhootna koyee betala 11 koyee aakhe aadmi Nanak vechara 11(1) bhyeea diwana SAH ka Nanak buorana 11 haanon HAR bin awar na jana 11(1 rahao) taon diwana janye je bhai diwana hoye 11 eki SAHIB bahra dooja awar n...
  8. S

    The Eternal Definition Of A Cult

    THE ETERNAL DEFINITION OF A CULT Here are some attributes and qualities of an entity which is truly defined as a Cult: this entity can be an individual; a so called religious organization; or a religiously and communally biased media. Such an entity who is engaged in the creation and...
  9. A

    Is Jot Eternal?

    Sath shri akal. in the Jaapji Sahib it says: aad sach, jugaad sach, ho bhi sach. True before the beginning, true now, and forever true. is this refering to God, or also Jot? the light of the Gurus. has this light been there before creation itself, or did it come afterwards?
  10. A

    Is God Eternal Or Created?

    Sath shri Akaal jee.. do we sikhs belive in an eternal God that has been forever, or do we belive in a God that created himself, on other words, have a beginning.. aapay aap upaa-i-an aap keemat paa-ee. He Himself created Himself, and He Himself evaluates Himself. Page 786, Line 9 becuase...
  11. N

    Eternal Youth

    There is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident. No inevitable old age process exists within his body or group cells - nothing that can gradually paralyze the individual. Death is, then, an avoidable accident. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or Shanti...
  12. S

    The Sublime Expressions Of Human Soul’s Homage To The Eternal

    In one of the sublime expressions of human soul’s homage to the Eternal, Guru Nanak says: How can one describe Thy beauty and the might of Thy works? In moments when one confronts the “vastness and wonder” of His creation, one is struck dumb and utterly speechless. It is then that the words...
  13. G

    In Search Of Eternal Satisfaction

    Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl: The desires of the greatest of the great kings and landlords cannot be satisfied. They remain engrossed in Maya, intoxicated with the pleasures of their wealth; their eyes see nothing else at all. ||1|| No one has ever found satisfaction in sin and corruption...