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  1. K

    Basic Questions About Converting To Sikhism

    hello my name is michael I am French and proud to be ;) I live in the countryside I come from a Catholic family and atheist there is of it a few months I discovered Sikhism and how you say I accept the precept that belief and finally found a life paths I wish I still accurate in the study of...
  2. GodIsTruth

    Converting To Sikhism

    Hi all. I have been giving a lot of thought to becoming a Sikh and I would really appreciate any advice that anyone would have on the matter. I myself am generally against converting to another religion as I believe all religions lead to the same place, oneness with the Creator. I was...
  3. Astroboy

    Why Are People Converting To Sikhism?

    A Punjabi cultural Sikh (me, astroboy) wants to know what draws people to the Sikh faith. An article which I just read only increases my curiosity as what really interests people from other faiths to be drawn to Sikhism. Here's the article I am talking about...
  4. ohhcuppycakee

    Question About Converting To Sikhism For A Married Person

    I heard awhile ago that divorce is not allowed in Sikhism. I also heard Sikhs can only marry other Sikhs. So I would like to know... If a person converts to Sikhism and their spouse isn't Sikh, do they have to leave them?
  5. S

    Converting To Sikhism While Living In Isolated Communty

    Hi everybody! This is my first posting, and I'm hoping to find some guidance. I'm a 20 year old female. I live in a remote community in Canada with my family. My mother is a European Christian and my father is a non-practicing Sikh. I was exposed to the Sikh faith as a child and after some...
  6. K

    Islam Dumbest Reasons For Converting To Islam

    YouTube - Live Shahadah - Dr. Zakir Naik Urdu Peace Conference 2010 Look at the Sikh Guy in the video who is converting to islam Here are the reasons 1)He wants his bones to remain intact after 20 years of his death 2)His mom don't cook as sweet Kheer( Indian pudding) as He get on EID
  7. S

    Converting To Sikhism

    I am an English woman who wants to convert to Sikhism. I have looked at the Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in great depth, and feel uncomfortable with the countless attrocities committed in their names throughout the ages. Although the internet is awash with information...
  8. K

    Why ARE So Many Modern British Career Women Converting To Islam?

    Why ARE so many modern British career women converting to Islam? Tony Blair’s sister-in-law announced her conversion to Islam last weekend. Journalist Lauren Booth embraced the faith after what she describes as a ‘holy experience’ in Iran. She is just one of a growing number of modern...
  9. spnadmin

    Controversial Abducted Sikh Returns Home Without Converting To Islam

    Abducted Sikh returns home without converting to Islam ISLAMABAD: Yet another Pakistani belonging to the Sikh community, who was kidnapped by the Taliban from Peshawar, the capital of the north-west frontier province, has returned home safely, defying his captors’ demand to convert to...
  10. G

    Gora Trying To Please Sikh Family. Converting To Sikhism

    Sat sri akal, I've got major problems that I could use some advice on... I am a gora (no religion) and my girlfriend is Sikh, she is ready for marriage but thinks marrying me would tear her family apart and leave us alienated. I have met the parents (but was not introduced as a boyfriend) and...
  11. C

    Converting To Sikhism

    i need information on converting to sikh as i already have done much research on sikh and the gurus and their teachings
  12. Archived_Member16

    The Dalit Tag Still Sticks Despite Converting To Sikhism

    source: The Dalit tag still sticks despite converting to Sikhism .:. NewKerala - India 's Top Online Newspaper The Dalit tag still sticks despite converting to Sikhism By Imran Khan, Patna, June 9 : It is a centuries-old ignominy they wanted to escape by converting to Sikhism in Punjab...
  13. H

    Islam Is Sikh Really Converting To Islam?

    wjkk wjkf today i has just visited the site "Why I Left Sikhism to Revert to Islam" by Aaliyah Khan, Canada [Archive] - Islamic Networking. In fact earily also i had visted a same kind of site stating that a lady from Canada (i guess) had changed this religion from Sikh to Islam. If this is...
  14. Sherab


    hey all my future wife is Sikh. I decided to convert from Buddhism. This line from the Guru Granth Sahib speaks to me: Make contentment your ear-rings, humility your begging bowl, and meditation the ashes you apply to your body. Let the remembrance of death be the patched coat you wear, let...
  15. C

    Converting To Sikhism

    I am a white man harboring a desire to become a sikh. My question is if I become a sikh will I have to wear a beard and a turban and will I be accepted by the punjabi community as a sikh? Devon
  16. N

    Sikh News Migrant Labour From Bihar Converting (NDTV)

    Migrant labour from Bihar is turning to the Sikh religion and converting in a bid to reduce discrimination against them in the agricultural and labour sectors in Punjab...