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    Sikhs Are Small In Numbers. But Are Sikhs Most Divided By Caste?

    It just struck me that we are only the 8th largest religion in the World and yet we are the most divided. We are divided so heavily into so many different groups that it is a true poison for Sikhs Not only are you divided by caste (I know...
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    Making Sense Of Ravidasis: The Caste System In Punjab MAKING SENSE OF RAVIDASIS: THE CASTE SYSTEM IN PUNJAB S. Jodhka This long, informative and well-researched article analyzes the caste structure among Sikhs in Punjab and attempts by the Sikh Dalits to address caste oppression...
  3. findingmyway

    Malaysia Malaysia Book Causes Rift Over Indian Caste System

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A high school text book that highlights multiethnic Malaysia's racial harmony has riled the main ethnic Indian party, which wants it banned because it refers to the Hindu caste system, an official said Monday. The Malaysian Indian Congress, which is part of the...
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    The Caste Buster

    The Caste Buster By ANAND GIRIDHARADAS Published: December 30, 2010 I came to Umred to write about a riot. A few months earlier, power blackouts that rural Indians always suffered silently triggered a violent reaction. Why? Umred was just another small town in the middle of nowhere, dusty...
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    General Rana Caste In Sikhs

    Satshri akal, I know sikh doesn't believe in castes, but I just want to know about , rana caste in sikh religion, , I m also rana, but I not clear abt tht, I think rana,s are jatt , but I hvnt sessions more rana sikh
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    UK Caste Discrimination Exists In UK, Says Govt Report

    Caste Discrimination Exists in UK, says Govt Report PTI, Dec 16, 2010, 09.18pm IST LONDON: Caste-based discrimination exists across Britain, a new research commissioned by UK government has found, prompting further calls to outlaw the malpractice that blights the lives of many people with...
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    Combatting The CASTE System (Video Inside!)

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. YouTube - "Before I Die" | Peop1e [HD] You can read our mission statement for this project here:
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    India Dog Cast(e) Away After Dalit Touch

    BHOPAL: A dog's life couldn't get worse. A mongrel brought up in an upper caste home in Morena was kicked out after the Rajput family members discovered that their Sheru had eaten a roti from a dalit woman and was now an "untouchable". Next, Sheru was tied to a pole in the village's dalit...
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    Controversial Jattan Diya Kartuta - A Disturbing Video On Caste Discrimination Amongst So-called Sikhs

    Jattan diya kartuta LINK: YouTube - Jattan diya kartuta
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    Man Killed For Marrying Upper Caste Girl

    n yet another case of susepcted honour killing, a man who had married an upper caste girl, was allegedly abducted and killed by his in-laws, police said here today. The body of Raja Ram, a Majhabi Sikh, who had married Manjit Kaur, who belonged to the Ramdasia sect, against the wishes of...
  11. findingmyway

    Why Is Caste Such A Big Issue?

    I get very surprised and upset at constantly reading/hearing about caste. One of the fundamental beliefs in Sikhism is that we are all equal. Caste was one of the earliest things that Guru Nanak Dev Ji rejected. Why then is it such a big issue still? Can anyone give me some insight as to why...
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    India Caste Killings: The Role Of Property

    Caste killings: The role of property New Delhi: Gaurav Saini has been running from pillar to post for the past one year in desperate search for the woman he loves, and married, against her family's wishes. Just days after their secret wedding in July last year, Gaurav - who belongs to a...
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    SGPC Voter Forms Have Caste Column

    SGPC voter forms have caste column IP Singh, TNN, Jun 13, 2010, 06.58am IST <!-- google_ad_section_start -->JALANDHAR: A few days after SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar exhorted Sikhs not to mention their caste during the census as the same was against Sikh ideology, it has come to light that...
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    Lost The True Meaning Of Sikhi?

    As I was told that Chardi Kala Jatha would again be visiting a Gurdwara in the neighbouring town, I jumped at the chance to go. I remember their first visit last year, and it was just so inspirational that I had to go again. As my dad drove up the road I saw another Gurdwara and I asked my dad...
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    Our Elders Can Be Very Wise, But Why Can They Not Let Go Of The Caste System?

    It is true our elders can be very wise, but why are they still stuck in thinking the caste system is right? Our Guru's clearly showed us that we are all human beings, and are equal in the eyes of God. So why do we not all see eachother as equal ourselves? I believe it is up to our generation to...
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    Controversial Don't Mention Caste In Census: Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee

    Don't mention caste in census: Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee Don't mention caste in census: Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee - Chandigarh: Sikh religious and political bodies in Punjab have opposed a caste-based census. Top religious body Shiromani...
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    Controversial Reviving The Caste System

    Almost the first task undertaken by Jawaharlal Nehru after independence was to abolish caste. All government records, registers and application forms deleted the caste column. It had taken the nation some 88 years to rub off this stigma of discrimination. Ironically, the same Congress party...
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    Will Counting Caste Help To Reduce Inequality?

    Will counting caste help to reduce inequality? The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Will counting caste help to reduce inequality? On the surface, caste enumeration appears to be a UPA concession to its OBC allies, but more fundamentally, it fits with the larger political agenda of moving people...
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    A Sikh Marrying In Different Caste

    SSA all members, I never believe in castes but my parents strongly believe in caste system. The problem has risen when i told my parents that i love a girl who doesn't belong to our caste. According to my parents the girl belongs to scheduled caste. i told my parents that the girl's family has...
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    Opinion Discrimination And Toleration: An Examination Of Caste Discrimination In India

    Discrimination and Toleration: An Examination of Caste Discrimination in India by Basil Fernando Copyright © Asian Human Rights Commission Caste prejudice is common among people of the Indian sub-continent. The author correctly points out Lord Buddha’s rejection of Indian caste structure...