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  1. spnadmin

    USA US Family Seeks To Free Sikh Brother On Death Row

    BY MICHAEL DOYLE WASHINGTON — Tejinder Bhullar's brother might be hanged at any time, achingly far from Bhullar's Sacramento Valley home. The Indian government calls Bhullar's brother a terrorist who confessed to a murderous conspiracy. Bhullar calls his older brother, Devinderpal, an...
  2. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Ex-councilor's Brother Defends Sajjan In 1984 Riot Case

    New Delhi, Jul 11 (PTI) Kishan Khokkar, brother of a former city councillor Balwant Khokkar, facing trial along with former Congress MP Sajjan Kumar in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case relating to the killing of six persons, today told a city court that the ex-MP had not provoked him or any mob to...
  3. spnadmin

    USA Mesa Man Pushes To Keep Brother's Name On Sept 11 Memorial

    The brother of a post-9/11 hate-crime victim feels victimized again nearly a decade later by Arizona legislation that would wipe Balbir Singh Sodhi's name off the state's memorial to the national tragedy. Singh Sodhi, a 49-year-old Mesa gas-station owner, was gunned down on Sept. 15, 2001, by...
  4. K

    Manmohan Singh's Brother In Law Died In 1984 Riots

    http://www.sikhchic.com/people/gursharan_kaur_first_among_equals "She is a very humble, warm and a forgiving person. Her brother was killed in the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms but she has no sense of anger in her," says Khushwant Singh. The one occasion when she lost her cool was in 1999 when...
  5. Admin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Even Today Shanti Kaur Hears The Cries Of Her Burning Father And Brother

    She was living in Block 32 of Trilokpuri with her father Kirpal Singh and brother Modu Singh when the mob burnt 500 men alive as the police stood by. At the time Shanti Kaur was 17 but she could not understand why the mob was bent on killing them. In front of her eyes her father Kirpal Singh...
  6. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Beheaded, My Brother Became A Sikh Martyr

    Taranjit Singh ji, brother/cousin of our newest shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh ji, has just been inducted into a very exclusive club, those of us who are close relatives of shaheeds. I can, of course, only speak for myself. Forgive my use of "we." If anyone else in this club comes forward to...
  7. spnadmin

    Brit Sikh Woman Was Murdered By Her In-laws Like An Animal, Says Brother

    Brit Sikh woman was murdered by her in-laws like an animal, says brother London, Dec. 30 : On an average, 12 murders in the United Kingdom are identified as honour killings, and there is one man who knows too well the devastation such incidents have on a family that lives to tell the...
  8. Vikram singh

    Sikh News Brother Of Slain Sikh Attended Obama Dinner

    Rana Singh Sodhi and wife Sukhbir Kaur flank Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Can we Compare Nirpreet Kaur of 1984,From losing her home and father called by so called Secular Govt (Cong-I) and have a guts to tell her it was wrong,we killed so many Sikhs,it wont happen and we will...
  9. V

    Ramayana And Ram Avtar Sahib: Misunderstood By Brother Sumra

    Gurfateh (14/06/09) ਗੁਰਪ੍ਰੀਤਸਿੰਘਸਮਰਾ Dear Santokh Singh ji and other readers, Santokh Singh ji has asked the question “Where it is written that Ram committed suicide?” 1) It is written right within the Ramayana in the seventh book of Ramayana called “Uttara Kanda”. Most of the...
  10. S

    Black African American Sikh Brother Speaking About Being A Khalsa Sikh

    Black African American Sikh Brother Speaking About Being A Khalsa Sikh. YouTube - Black African Sikh Brother
  11. V

    Another Article By Kala Afghana Ji And Reply By Brother Bijla Singh JI

    Gurfateh . ੴਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ॥ ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਗੋਚਰੇ ਕੁੱਝ ਸ਼ੰਕੇ ਸਿੱਖੀ ਦੀ ਚੜ੍ਹਦੀ ਕਲਾ ਵੇਖਣੀ ਲੋਚਦੇ ਗੁਰਮੁਖ ਸੱਜਣ ਜੀਓ! ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ। ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ ॥ ਸੰਸਾਰ ਤੋਂ ਚਲਾਣੇ ਦਾ ਹੁਕਮ ਆ ਜਾਣ ਤੋਂ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ, ਨੌਵੀਂ ਪੁਸਤਕ ਵੀ ਲਿਖ ਸਕਾਂ? ਇਹ ਸੱਧਰ ਪੂਰੀ ਕਰ ਲੈਣ ਲਈ ਯਤਨਸ਼ੀਲ ਬਹੁਪੱਖੀ ਖੋਜ-ਵਿਚਾਰਾਂ ਸਮੇ ਅਵੱਲ਼ੀ ਦੁਬਿਧਾ ਨੇ ਆ ਘੇਰਿਆ ਹੈ।...
  12. Vikram singh

    Sikh News Pak Brother Meets Indian Sister In Punjab Village After 54 Yrs

    FATEHGARH SAHIB: A Pak resident Rana Yasin Ahmad Khan, finally, after 54 years of partition of India, on Sunday located his separated sister Mukhtiar Kaur in village Barwali Khurd of Fatehgarh Sahib district in Punjab. He had earlier visited India twice but couldn't meet her sister for...
  13. Admin

    Sikh News Akal Takht To Summon Sarna, Brother (The Tribune)

    Akal Takht to summon Sarna, brother (The Tribune) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11n1idcd3/*http%3A//www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20051220/main8.htm Array Mon, 19 Dec 2005 21:40:19 GMT Amritsar, December 19 The Sikh clergy has decided to summon Mr Harwinder Singh Sarna...
  14. V

    Sikh News Research On Nihungs By Brother Amritpal Singh Ji Amrit

    Wahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Although Das has a sense of belonging for the Nihungs of UK with the website www.sarbloh.info yet Das would like to bring in the notice to all the members with critical ananlysis of Nihungs by brother Amritpal Singh Ji Amrit which is still in the...