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    Only In America

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Feteh
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    Sikh News KPS Gill Can Save America In Iraq (Express India)

    20, 30, 65. Killed! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Iraq, is on fire, democracy, dictatorship, foreign rule be damned. What George Bush needs to stop the carnage is a Made in India Rambo and his name is KPS Gill...
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    Sikh News Gurinder Chadha Bring Bollywood To America

    ... She tells the story of a Sikh from Dallas who cornered her at a wedding and told her that "Bend It Like Beckham" changed his life. After the Sept. ... http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/entertainment/10915690.htm
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    Sikh News A Deeply Religious America, Deeply Ignorant About Religion

    http://timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=325743&category=OPINION&BCCode=&newsdate=1/23/2005 A deeply religious America, deeply ignorant about religion Albany Times Union, NY - 20 hours ago ... as a Muslim. But what killed Balbir Singh Sodhi (who was not a Muslim but a Sikh) was...
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    Sikh News America As A Nation Of Faith And Religious Illiterates

    http://mathaba.net/0_index.shtml?x=96687 America as a nation of faith and religious illiterates Mathaba.Net, Africa - 12 hours ago ... as a Muslim. But what killed Balbir Singh Sodhi (who was not a Muslim but a Sikh) was not so much bigotry as ignorance. The moral ...
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    Christianity Religious Colors Being Banned In America?

    Ha, how ridiculous is this : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=41955 ....Commenting on the white-only policy for party supplies, Shackeford quipped, "I guess nobody has told them white could symbolize the purity of Christ. They'd probably ban white!"... lol, this...
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    America Vs Europe

    I find it amazing that after so many years, America still holds true to the initial reason the pilgrims came here. Religious tolerance. One would think that after 9/11 on American soil, that tolerance for religion -- specifically newer religions to the area would diminish. But, the fact is...
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    The Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Prasad Yadev Is On A Visit To America

    The Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadev is on a visit to america. Whilst there none other than George W. Bush gets to hear that the great corrupt politician from India is town. Anxious to prove that American politicians are no slouches when it come to corruption, he decides to invite...
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    Alienation Of Sikh Youths Of NORTH AMERICA

    Alienation of Sikh Youths of NORTH AMERICA Its Remediation through Historically Developing a "Cognitive Mind Map" of Sikh Identity Formation as Evolved by Sikh Gurus in Guru Granth Sahib Dr. Pavna Sodhi-Kaln Psodhi@OISE.UTORONTO.ca Dr. S. S. Sodhi 22 Woodbank Terrace Halifax, Nova...