1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Hard Talk Adulterated Sikh History - Flotsam Muddling Our Beautiful Fresh River

    SEE how vested interests have badly adulterated our beautiful Gurmatt Principled History with UTTER RUBBISH.....just look at the floatsam muddling our beautiful Fresh River....... Bhai Amardass Ji came to know Guru Angad Ji at around age 62++..and the stories about him show him as a befuddled...
  2. I

    Guru Amardas Ji And Guru Nanak Dev Ji

    Can anyone answer me why guru ANgad dev ji asked.for janam patri of guru NAnak dev ji.and if i can get details of this saakhi i will be very thankful to you.
  3. V

    The Trial Of Guru Ramdas

    एक बार गुरु अमरदास जी ने अपने शिष्यों को एक जगह मिट्टी के चबूतरे बनाने के लिए कहा | जब चबूतरे बन गए तो गुरु साहिब ने कहा: ये ठीक नहीं हैं, इन्हें गिराकर फिर से बनाओ | गुरु साहिब बार-बार चबूतरे बनवाते रहे और गिरवाते रहे | धीरे-धीरे चबूतरे बनवाने वाले और गिरानेवालों की संख्या कम होने लगी | अंत में...
  4. seeker3k

    Sakhis Sakhi Guru Amardas Ji - A Few Questions?

    SSA I need help in understanding about Guru Amardas the third guru. I came across the booklet distributed by SGPC short stories about gurus. One of the story is about guru Amardas Ji. There is some question about the katha. Amardas ji met Guru Angad dev ji when Amardas was in his 60’s. As the...
  5. Admin

    Gurus Guru Amardas Ji

    Bhai Amardas Ji was a spiritual genius at the same time of Guru Angad Dev Ji. In his twenties he became interested in Hinduism and became a great pilgrim. Every year for the next forty years he went to the sacred river Ganges, walking bare-foot singing divine hymns. Once on his return from a...