Hard Talk Adulterated Sikh History - Flotsam Muddling Our Beautiful Fresh River

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
SEE how vested interests have badly adulterated our beautiful Gurmatt Principled History with UTTER RUBBISH.....just look at the floatsam muddling our beautiful Fresh River.......

Bhai Amardass Ji came to know Guru Angad Ji at around age 62++..and the stories about him show him as a befuddled foolish old man, washing dishes, fetching water from a river 12 miles away (Return Journey through rough jungle land 24 miles daily in the dark ).. his clothes dirty and unwashed as he has no time for personal grooming, head full of lice, hair falling out....using his mouth to suck the pus filled Leprosy wounds of Guru Angad ( FORGIVE ME JIOS.....my fingers tremble at such words against my beloved GURU..but this is whats written in books we honour and revere such as the Bhai Bala Janamsakhi and other simialr "historical sakhis).....and all these "SEWA" earned Bhai Amardass the Gurgadee . Exactly simialr "sewa" is also said to be performed by Bhai Lehnna Ji who then managed to get Gurgadee too.


12 years of this.....and not a single mention of Bhai Lehnna Ji learning Gurbani...penning Gurbani....and Bhai Amardass Ji..toiling day and night for 12 years...no learning any GURBANI..BUT what are the FACTS ?? Guru Amardass ji penned the Fantastic ANAND SAHIB...a MASTERPIECE of poetry...and wrote so much GURBANI...in practically majority of RAAGS found in the SGGS....can a 80 year old man suddenly and overnight become such an accomplished poet par excellence ? Did Guru Angad Ji just see the pus sucking old dirty fool...foul smelling head full of lice etc..and NEVER TOLD him that you smell..why dont you take a BATH..have rest ? Are we so BLIND we are UNABLE to see the Filth we are revering ??

The Leprosy on Guru Angad was the result of a curse put by Sri Chand..son of Guru nanak Ji for not getting his just dues as Eldest son....and this curse had to be lifted by GURU RAMDASS JI falling at Sri Chand's feet and washing his feet with his long DAHRRA SAHIB ?? And worse still to come....Guru Arjun Ji is said to have suffered "WRITERS BLOCK" at Sukhmani Sahib Ashtpadee 8.....and couldnt proceed any further....UNTIL Sri Chand came along and blessed HIM....and then only could Guru Arjun ji complete Sukhmani Sahib.

And then Guru hargobind Ji is supposed to have gifted Sri Chand one of his sons so he could carry on the UDASI SECT.

I humbly believe that we SIKHS are the most BLINDED FOOLS on earth..because we not only read such rubbish..we also do katha of this in Gurdwaras...we revere it all as sacred SAKHIS.

FACT: Gurbani in SGGS and Bhai Gurdass Ji provides written TESTIMONY that the Sons of Guru nanak ji Sri Chand and Laxmi Dass BOTH disobeyed their father, and refused to do his bidding or follow his teachings. Thus they were disqualified form Gurgadee which was given to the BEST and qualified candidate..Bhai Lehnna Ji....Same story was repeated with BOTH sons of GURU ANGAD ji disqualified and Gurgadee given to Guru Amardass ji..then once more history repeated with the two sons of Guru Amardass ji..they too disobeyed the father and Gurgadee went to Guru ramdass Ji......why do Sikhs chose to beleive OUTSIDE SOURCES which go against the GURBANI and Bhai gurdass jis testimony. ?? Why we beleive the gross insults heaped upon our GURUS and repeat them in His PRESENCE in our Gurdawars ??

Its amply clear even to the fully "blind" that this SPURIOUS sakhi based history is written by the ENEMY of the House of Nanak..the RIVALS who failed to get the Gurgadee and decided that insulting and flasifying the real history was in their best interests.

Earlier this could be tolerated becasue information sources were scarce..the "BOOK" was considered the final decision because ..IF its written ina BOOK..it has to be true !! Hence the BOOKSELLERS/PUBLISHERS/PRINTERS had complete and 100% POWER over the SIKH MIND..they chose what to print..what shabads..what titles..what Vaars..whatever..to print and sell.....Thus we have a bookseller who chose what he wanted and put it together ina booklet ...called it "AMRIT KIRTAN"...and that became the DEFACTO STANDARD for ALL RAGIS..KIRTANIYAHS..to sing as KIRTAN all over. Established Ragis like Prof darshan Singh Ex-Jathedar of Akal takhat has admitted that he too depended 100% on AMRIT KIRTAN...and he snag whatever he found in that booklet...NO ONE questioned the "authority" which authorised the CONTENT of Amrit Kiratn Booklet ? Ditto for all our SGGS birs..( which had several booksellers printing and selling them....with several differences printing mistakes etc)....and when in the early 1950/60s the SGPC wanted to standardise the Printing of the SGGS Birs..the BOOKSELLERS were one of the vested interests who protested loudlya nd successfully managed to TORPEDO the MANGLACHARAN FIASCO. At that time the Sants/derawallahs came to the defence of the BOOKSELLERS. Make your own conclusion. BIG BUSINESS !!! The SGPC did however manage to make a Standardised version...LITHOCOPIED the pages and thus the standard 1430 page SGGS printed today is mistake free and tamper proof (so far as Birs go....but as we know anyone with the INTERNET/Latest Laser Printer can print as many and in whatever form...as "EDITING" is as common as air. But the SGPC failed to settle the Manglacharan issue..and accepted the raagmala as part of sgpc.

As far as our GUTKAS etc and other Gurbani is concerned..its a FREE FOR ALL situation.....thats why we have myriads of gutkas..with long and short rehrass etc etc etc..any which version goes....fake sakhis..imaginary pictures..all is kosher....and "religious books"..sakhis..hundreds of thousands available....many can be made into very Successful "Horror Films"..Mystery Films..and more....even a Walking dead is possible...SAU SAKHI is one finest of them all....

GURMATT is GYAAN..now is the AGE OF GYAAN...Internet..knowledge bases so freely and widely available...its a CRIME for a SIKH to be led by his/her nose like a lamb to the slaughter...WAKE UP and smell the Beautiful GURMATT Paath set out by the SGGS...use SGGS as the Ultimate LITMUS STONE...Gurbani TOUCHSTONE...and REJECT everything that FAILS GURBANI..no matter what the title..the name attached..the author etc etc...

The SANTS/DERAWALLAHS were the ones REJECTING the Bhai Sahib Singh darpan /EXPOSITION/translation of SGGS..and they were the ones that hated Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha's Mahan KOSH....now just go to any SANT DERA WEBSITE..you will find the Darpan and the Mahan kosh as the prime RESOURCE.....why ?? Figure it out...They figured it out..if you cant defeat them..use their own weapons....

to be continued.....