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Recent content by rajneesh madhok

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    Events September 12, 1897 - The Battle Of Saragarhi

    Re: September 12, 1897 Hon'ble SPNadminji, The politicians want to get benefit by making promises and playing with the sentiments of the public. No politician visited the site on Saragarhi day though everybody keep on befooling the public by making this or that statement...
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    Domeli Case Father In Law In Lock Up On False Case Registered

    The mother and father-in-law of the lady who is maltreating the old parents of Village Domeli is depicted with evidences. But in the eyes of Police department the lady who lodged false FIR against the father in law after torn out her clothes and getting admitted in hospital and issuing Medico...
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    MD Law College Sriganganagar's Annual Prize Distribution Function & Rhyth 2016

    MD Law College Sriganganagar’s Annual Prize distribution function & Rhythm 2016 Sriganganagar, March 4, 2016: MD Law (PG) College, Sriganganagar celebrated its annual prize distribution function of the Law college on Friday. Dr. Kuldeep Sihag Principal of the college welcomed the Chief Guest...
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    Extortions By TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiners) From Agricultural Labour

    Thanks alot Tejwant Singh ji, Regards, Rajneesh
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    Extortions By TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiners) From Agricultural Labour

    From: Rajneesh Madhok, M.Com, LL.B, DFS (Advocate) (Punjab & Haryana High Court), Legal & Forensic Investigator, B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar, St. No. 2, Railway Road, Phagwara-144401 (Pb) (M) 94173-06415, E-mail: rajneesh_madhok@yahoo.com REGISTERED. AD/ E-mail Dated...
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    General Babaji Ranjit Singh Dhandrian Wale, Simple Living High Thinking

    **Laughable & False** 92 CRORE MOBILE DONATED TO DHADRIANWALE - YouTube
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    General Babaji Ranjit Singh Dhandrian Wale, Simple Living High Thinking

    Our revered very simple Babas who lead very simple life and preach the public, and guide them to live simple living and high thinking, in those so called preachers of our society is :Baba Ranjit Singh Dhandrian wale who has having a very simple living : just an example, he has having an I-phone...
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    Legal What Amounts To Cruelty Against Husband?

    Akasha ji, No doubt in Indian scenierio it is considered cruelty and your question is right why not the husband sometimes cook himself. The Court would have decided after going through all the aspects and after going through pros and cons of various factors the court would have decided, the...
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    Legal What Amounts To Cruelty Against Husband?

    What amounts to cruelty against husband? Though it is the duty of the court to decide the case based on facts and circumstances but what amounts to cruelty is an important aspect as misuse of Laws by the wife against husband in society is growing day by day and most apparently some Indian Urban...
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    Legal Highlights Of The Budget

    Highlights of the Budget The Union Budget for 2013-14 aims at higher growth rate leading to inclusive and sustainable development as ‘mool mantra’. · Finance Minister makes three promises: to women, youth and the poor. · Nirbhaya Fund to empower women and to keep them safe...
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    Legal Pay Compensation Rs 10L For Patient's Death: Consumer Forum To Doctors, Nursing Home

    Agencies : New Delhi, Thu Nov 29 2012, 15:38 hrs Two doctors, a local nursing home and its owner have been ordered by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 10 lakh as compensation to the widow and minor children of a person for medical negligence in his surgery for removal of gall-bladder in 2008...
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    I Became Victim By Password Hacker

    I became victim by Password Hacker. Dear Friends as from the last one week the service of Broad-band connection in our town was out of order as per the news item published in the Daily Punjab Kesari. Friends, during last one week as the Broad band connection had been totally disrupted. The...
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    India Swatchta Abhiyan Manch Organized World Mother's Day

    Prof. Dr. Sarla Bhardwaj said The girls have not been vanished overnight. This is the result of decades of sex determination tests and female foeticide that has acquired genocide proportions. If this problem could not be checked then the next census will reveal a further fall in child sex ratios...
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    India Swatchta Abhiyan Manch Organized World Mother's Day

    Swatchta Abhiyan Manch organized World Mother’s day First Word Baby utters with encouragement of mother----is Maa or Mama—Dr. Sarla Bhardwaj Phagwara, May 14, 2012 (Rajneesh Madhok) World Mother’s day organized by Swachta Abhiyan Manch in collaboration with Bharat Vikas Parishad and...