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MD Law College Sriganganagar's Annual Prize Distribution Function & Rhyth 2016

Jan 1, 2010
MD Law College Sriganganagar’s Annual Prize distribution function & Rhythm 2016

Sriganganagar, March 4, 2016: MD Law (PG) College, Sriganganagar celebrated its annual prize distribution function of the Law college on Friday. Dr. Kuldeep Sihag Principal of the college welcomed the Chief Guest Sh. Sohan Lal Singhatia the President of Managing Committee of MD Law College, Sriganganagar. The programme commenced with the ceremonial garlanding the Chief guest followed by colourful spectacular extravaganza. Number of scintillating performances by College students performed with great zeal excitement and confidence. College Principal Dr. Kuldeep Sihag presented annual report highlightingthe achievements of the college in scholastic and co-scholastic areas for academic year 2014-15. Sh. Sohan Lal Singhatia gave away prizes to the achievers who brought laurels to the institution. Annual Prize Distribution Function and Competition on the basis of individual performance in singing Called “Rhythm 2016” has been organized by Maharishi Dayanand Law (P.G.) College, SrigangaNagar (Raj). Dr. Pankaj Upveja organized the stage. The awards to the meritorious students on the basis of their position in the class and University had been distributed at the annual function organized in the College Campus. Main orators to the programme were Sh. C.B. Tayagi, Lecturer SGN Khalsa College, Sri Ganganagar, Dr. Anil Kaushik, Principal S.D. Law College, Sri Ganganagar, Dr. Bhagwanram , Lecturer Government College, Bikaner, Dr. V. N. Singh, Government Law College, Sri Ganganagar. The programme organized by Sh. Bhuvnesh Sharma

Principal Dr. Kuldeep Sihag delivered lecture on the meritorious achievements of the College in the past years and highlighlighted the achievements of the students of the college on National level competitions and securing the prestigious positions in the field of Judiciary as Judges, Police officers and Public Prosecutors. Sh. Sohan Lal Bhatia, Mr. Godhara, Hon’ble Past Principal of Government Law College, Sriganganagr and many more dignataries took part in the function. Dr. Ritu Sharma and Dr. Parveen Jagi performed the duty of judge in the Singing Competition and very efficiently declared the result according to the performance of the performing candidates.

The Participants viz. Sharad Arora, M.A. Cheema , Sanjay Jagrut, Rahmat Ali and _______ performed very well. Hon’ble President of M.D. Collge Administrative Committee Mr. Sohan Lal Singathia ,Principal Dr. Kuldeep Sihag, Vice Principal M.D. Law College Mr. Neeraj Malik, performed their duties with dedication for organizing the function with music and performance of the artists to provide cheerful atmosphere in the campus.

Principal Dr. Kuldeep Sihag while delivering his lecture thanked the dignitaries and throw light on the College’s administrative functionaries, he said Hon’ble Chief Guest Sh. Sohan Lal Singathia the President of the Managing Committee has been in service of M.D. Colleges and has held various positions in the Management from the last two decades. Soft spoken Sh. R.S. Punia , Hon’ble Vice President Sh. Anil Joshi, Special Guest Sh. Hari Ram Kukreja, Smt. Saroj Nayan, SGN Khalsa College’s Principal, Sh. Ashok Nagpal Former MLA Suratgarh, BJP’s State President and alumnus of the college Sh. Kailash Meghwal among others got honoured during the function. Mr. Mukesh Godhara and other dignataries have been welcomed with garlands (wreaths), Mr. Manu Dhaliwal, Hari Ram Kukreja, the Income Tax Inspector and Mr. Jaswant Singh Godhara got honoured by the College’s prominent persons. Mrs. Santosh Nayan, Dr. P.S. Gujral the Former Principal of Government Law college, Sri Ganganagar had been honoured by Dr. Pankaj Upveja who had been his student and Colleague. Dr. Ritu Sharma who has performed the duty of judge in selection of appropriate Solo Singer candidate had been provided bouquet by Mrs. Pooja Sweta, the second judge of the programme Dr. Parveen Jagi had also been honoured during the function.

The Achievements of the College in the Session 2014-15 with details of meritorious students has been presented by Dr. Kuldeep Sihag, Honourable Principal of M.D. Law College. He thrown light on the achievements and provided knowledge about the remarkable roles of Sh. Sohan Lal Singathia, Mr. R.s. Punia, Former MLA of Suratgarh Sh. Ashok Nagpal and Mr. Mukesh Godhara.

He said Mr. Sohan Lal Singathia, R.S. Punia and Former MLA Sh. Ashok Nagpal have made remarkable role in foundation and progress made in the college is due to their continuous efforts.

Mr. Sohan Lal Singhathia, with amusement said that as the college is dedicated to Maharishi Dayanand ji for his remarkable role to the education and praised Sh. R.S. Punia and Sh. Ashok Nagpal for taking interest in development of the college, he said as per the name of the college put behind Maharishi Dayanandji the college has performed the task to awaken the society and students, with the tireless efforts of the worthy Principal and the staff the results have been declared in such a great fanfare. It is a great achievement of the college that in the session 2014-15 in LL.M. exam 13 out of 20 students declared meritorious by the University are from our college.

Dr. Kuldeep Sihag provided details about the achievement by the College’s ex students viz. Sh. Munish Aggarwal with his tireless efforts got selected in R.J.S. (Rajasthan Judiciary Services), Pratiksha Godara got selected as I.P.S. officer of Delhi cadre, the list of students who selected in CBI as A.P.P. and other designations had also been declared.

The Solo singing competition started with the songs of Puneet Vashist and he sang the song “Je tu faisle hi fasle vadhaun wale kite das tere ton kareeb mere hor kaun si”—that when you have decided to make distance with me, let me know who was close to me than you” he beautifully stressed on the matter of broken heart and said all the hopes got shattered due to beloved’s role in love and affection—directed to the beloved. Performed well and stressed light on the role of beloved.

Afterwards the competition of songs started with solo songs: The Participant No. 1 paid tribute to Shaheede Azam Bhagat Singh and said that the ancestors of Legend Bhagat Singh who played remarkable role in independence of India are doing petty labour jobs by lifting construction material on their heads and provided the hard stroke on the system of our nation. “ Chal uth Bhagat Singh challiye, hoya manda haal mere desh da”

Participant No.2: performed the solo song based on steps of music with “Rang Rangeela manwa mora hamari baat na mane”---He got adjudged as a Second Prize winner but as we don’t have knowledge about the steps of music, so could not understand how on the basis of single line the judge adjudged him as the Second number contestant.

Participant No. 3: Dama dam mast kalandar, Lal meri pat rakhiyo sada jhoole laalan jidri da sewan da satisha baaj kalandar” The religious song sung to save one’s honour. A religious song being played by Runa Laila from decades.

Participant No. 4: Dedicated to women those sacrificed for dowry. The performer took a great topic and prayed to her parents to search about the hubby for her who has no demand of dowry, She uttered that she will provide role of a sparrow and like her she will collect grain of wheat to feed her family. She said that she will not become burden on the family and will fight for the safety and security of the family. Oh dear Mom don’t discard me I shall become the honour of the home, During her performance she declared dowry not a curse but a greed which is being practiced from years and is declared as honour to the family. She said why the girls are being sold in the market---Tell me. A very great issue and really a good performance made by the girl with great art has not been considered for Consolation prize even. Really a great shock to the perfomer. “ Aise sajan ki mujhe jarurat nahin, Patwar banungi, lahron se ladungi. Mujhe na dhikkar mayya, Dahej pratha nahin lalach hai. Ladke to ladke hain, bazaar mein ladkiyan hi bikti hain.” A great topic with great presentation the song had been performed. But as the song had unique performance and had not been in practice like Dama dam mast kalandar---the song of Runa Laila and has been having audience in crores in a year got adjudged as first prize winner. But self created song with great value with high performance could not get recognition in the competition.

After that the Prize distribution function with giving away prizes to the meritorious candidates started. LL.B. First year student Mr. Ajay Garg topped in college and 7th position in University, LL.B. Second year student Akash Bhardwaj topper of College and third in University, LLM I student First in college and Second in University, LLM II student First in College, Rajneesh Madhok, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal & Forensic Science –First in college and got fourth position in University bestowed with Mementos.

Participant No. 5: Provided the position of girls in the society. Performed song of Gurdas Maan Ghagre wi gaye fulkarian wi gayyian, thrown light on the dresses of the girls and in his song he said the girls used to say I don’t like the Punjabi hindi noon.

Participant No. 6: Again stressed on the dresses of girls, and said that the girls used to put jeans above the anklets, and he stressed that they have forget to wear Punjabi suits and provide stress that they used to wear lower and Payjamas and have been forgetting the art of nicely dressed up girls. They used to cover their face while roaming in White Activa without covering their head, and used to keep their fingers rolling in the hair and don’t comb that properly the day long. “Gityan to uchchi jeans na paya karo, Panjabi suit wi silwaya karo, Chitte Activa te munh dhak langde ho, kade sir wi dhak liya karo”

Guest Artist Umed Khan performed on typical song: That the iphone has created a great role in girls life in these days as they are fancier with Facebook and narrated the position of the boy that he is using Nokia mobile and used to play Snakes and ladders whereas the girls are busy in viewing the movies nowadays. As the boy has two Jeans to put on but the girls used to wear new dress daily and that number of first dress comes after a month. He put stroke on the girls that they used to pass rashly on White Activa with putting on T-shirts having the logo of Fire whereas the boys used to wear the same jeans daily. “ I-phone jeha lai liya Facebook di patti ne, saade kol Phone Nokia da, game Sap-sidhi di khedda haan. Sanu tan aunda rahnda company walian da Phone ae.

In the last he sung, usda kharcheeli da si kharcha lakha da, kudi lut put ke lai gai sada kam trukan da. ---That he had spent millions on her inexpensive dresses, the girl has took away the gifts of millions wheras I used to ply truks.

In the end of the programme Mankirat Aulakh made performance to his popular songs “Sohana te padandra tu khas koyi na, gallan mitthian di patti hoyi aan” You are not that smart Guy, but I am impressed with your sweet talks, and a song from Album Jugadi Jatt “ Hunde ne jugaadi bade jatt kudiye, lende ne jugaad laake patt kudiye, Bach kudiye, Patt kuydiye” Jatts are too much active and with scarcasm will tie you in knot of love.
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