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Recent content by clarkejoey

  1. clarkejoey

    Very Superstitious

    I hadn't realised how many items on my daily round were plain, blind superstition. Get out of the bed on the right... don't leave shoes upside-down... never light 3 cigarettes on 1 match... Everyone I know has their own set, some practical, some harmless, some engrained by habit and coming...
  2. clarkejoey

    Life In The Tropics. With Guru

    So yesterday, for the first time, someone said with his voice "Waheguru ji ka Khalsa. Waheguru ji ki Fateh," and for the first time, I spoke those words to someone other than me or God. Not a big thing perhaps, but to me, completely new. And there was a witness, a friend whom I haven't yet told...
  3. clarkejoey

    S Is For Sikh

    I am a child again. Previous learning and experience may as easily help as hinder me on this course, so it doesn't count at the moment; I am starting from zero. On this course, one learns as one goes along. A whole new way of living beckons, saying: I will make the sparrow hunt and kill the...
  4. clarkejoey

    The Guy At The Door

    I discover every day how much of a sinner I've been, but it surprises me that it comes not with the shame and self-loathing I was trained into; rather, I gain in confidence knowing what to improve. Guru said He could make a hero out of anybody. As I observe myself, little baby steps over the...
  5. clarkejoey

    I Got My Patka! (pics)

    wjkk - wjkf! No i'm not completely off the map... it means so much that you still remember me. No, i'm not keeping kesh, but i still pray the way i've been learning. I have been thru some changes... in Belize, and will be married next wednesday to someone i've known for 20-odd years... with...
  6. clarkejoey

    Misconceptions On Sikh Baptism

    aad ji, i agree with you. it seems to me the bottom line is orthodoxy (right belief) ahead of orthopraxy (right practise). Getting them together is ideal, of course, but Guru seems to say that it's more important to know, believe, and understand. namjap ji, nice leaflet. i like how the...
  7. clarkejoey

    Sikhi The Simplest Path To God

    Simplest? Possibly. Easiest? Hardly.
  8. clarkejoey

    Johnnie Walker: Friend Or Foe?

    Sounds sound to me!
  9. clarkejoey

    Johnnie Walker: Friend Or Foe?

    Agreed. I also don't know what i would do in such a position. Medical grass though: used as a concentrate, tablet or syrup, THC (the active ingredient) is very useful against glaucoma, asthma (is that spelled right?) and some other conditions. And, used like that, it has no mental effect at...
  10. clarkejoey

    Johnnie Walker: Friend Or Foe?

    Possibly not, jasleen ji; alcohol-based medicine could save your life, and i doubt that any sleeping-around situation can claim that. (imaginary smiley goes here) All the same: a sikh might detest cutting of hair, and yet decide to do it - for head surgery, say - in order to stay alive. Would...
  11. clarkejoey

    Serious Sikh Issue !

    Will they also declare as martyrs all the people who suffered and died as a result of the riots ignited by these martyrs?
  12. clarkejoey

    Differences Between Men And Women !

    What? Say again, i was asleep.
  13. clarkejoey

    Differences Between Men And Women !

    All stereotyping - even funny stuff like this - is risky. jasleen ji, it also had me observing how badly i fit my own gender-stereotype. Aad ji: My own opinion on curtains is that blinds are easier to clean. However, i feel the best bet it not to take it too much to heart; after all, it's not...
  14. clarkejoey

    General Internet Addiction

    Great story, aadji! Give your priest friend a surprise next October 4th - feast day of St Francis!
  15. clarkejoey

    Christianity Do You Celebrate Christmas?

    Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for all the help so far; i'll be back around when work resumes! waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!