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Recent content by Bharat Vir Singh

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    How Do You Explain What A Kirpan Is To A Non-Sikh?

    Kirpaan is a weapon of defence against oppression.Not only in Gurus' times,but even today,it is a weapon.That is what Guru gave it to his Sikhs for.But since the usurping of Khalsa Raj by the British in the 19th century,Sikh leaders have surrendered it to conquering authorities(first the...
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    Who Is A Gurmukh And Manmukh ?

    Understanding Gurmukh and Manmukh is very easy and straightforward if you just analyse the words themselves: Gurmukh is one who follows(obeys)the Guru, Manmukh is one who follows his/her self (i.e. own mann or ego).
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    Keshki Or Kesh

    I recently came across somebody who was apparently looking like a Sikh,except that he had come to his 'gurdwara' wearing only a black commando-style rumaal with tails(if you can visualize what I mean)and claimed that he was Amritdhari(he was wearing a big kirpaan).When I asked him why he was not...
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    Women Role In Religion

    Woman is Jananee,i.e she gives birth to saints,gurus,philosophers,prophets,kings,emperors,veers,yodhas,yogis,etc,etc. besides all the female roles like mother,sister,wife,friend,etc. That is why Guru says we must respect her,and not discriminate against her.Treat her as equal and worthy of...
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    Various Articles

    Wahegurujee Ka Khalsa. Wahegurujee Kee Fateh. Please see attachment for 3 articles by myself. Yours sincerely, Bharat Vir Singh
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    Sikh News Memorandum To French President To Lift Turban Ban

    Ever since the times of the British raj in India,Sikhs have been holding demonstrations and processions whenever they had to protest about some vital issue that bothered them.Unfortunately,this is what they are still doing regarding the French ban on turban.It makes no difference to the French...
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    My First Impression Of This Website

    etinder jee,I wholeheartedly agree.The role models currrently available at local level are clean-shaven but turbanned 'bolian' singers and bhangra dancers,who know zero about true Sikhi.When I was young in East Africa,we used to have very smart young Gursikhs as our role models to emulate.But...
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    Sikh News French 'Religious Symbol' Ban

    The French think it is good to separate state from religion.But they have to learn(sooner or later)that a state run by sound religious principles is a healthier government and ensures good governance.This is a case that has to be calmly argued without getting emotional.The French are really very...
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    Guru-Sikh Relation & Other Articles

    Please see Attachment, Guru-Sikh.wps.text. - Bharat Vir Singh
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    Sikhism A Warrior Sect ?

    Dear veer etinder jee, Sat Sri Akal. I have no intention of hurting anybody.I was merely responding to Heathen who seems to insist that Sikhism is based on Hinduism.She is obviously misinformed.So I endeavoured to correct her impression of Sikhi by an honest and frank response.I think if...
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    Sikhism A Warrior Sect ?

    Heathen,I don't blame you for being quite brainwashed by Hindus who want to paint every great religion as an offshoot or sect of Hinduism which is like an giant Sheshnaag(snake,python)that endeavours to swallow everything and everyone into itself. So I suggest you first of all get...
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    Introducing Myself

    Re: Hello Sikhs! Hello Heathen!Sat Sri Akal. I think you are not so much a lost soul,but rather an ardent seeker.I can assure you that having come to Sikhism website,you have arrived!Now you can tap into the highest wisdom of the Universe.Everything else is below this.You have been roaming and...
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    My First Impression Of This Website

    Sevadaar Singh and Neutral Singh,thankyou indeed for welcoming me.I will definitely try to contribute my views.I am most impressed by Prof Puran Singh's writings esp "Spirit born People".The other contemporay great Sikh writers are Dr Gopal Singh and Dr Gurbakhsh Singh.Today we need Sikhs who...
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    My First Impression Of This Website

    Sat Sri Akal and WKWF everyone!I am very impressed with this website.I hope and pray it progresses in a good and clean manner,imparting knowledge and love and harmony throughout humanity.Bole so nihaal,Sat Sri Akal!:-)