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Sikh News And Extremist Moderators

Randip Singh

May 25, 2005
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Of late memebers of have been engaged in a debate with a moderator at because of the biased and extremist nature of the content at sikhiwiki. This biased agenda seems to have been pushed by one "Harji Singh".;f=1;t=002038

This fellow does not even seem to understand the basic os Bani and seems hell bent on dismemebering the Angs of the Sri Guru Granth Shib ji.

He seems tobe in denial that the message of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji was for Muslims as well as Hindu's. Infact he has denied that the majority of people in Northwest India at the time of the Guru's were infact Muslim's (seems silly since Pakistan was created there).

He doesn't seem to understand how Kabir ji exposed the hypocrasy of Mullahs. He doen't understand their ritual sacrifices (Quarbani).

He seems not to have a clue about Hindu ritualism, and our Guru's message against that.

He does not seem to know the purpose of Langaar and equates it to some covoluted notion of vegetarianism, rather than equality (for which it is based).

People like him are setting back Sikhism by some 100 years.............what can we do about "Fool who wrangle over flesh" like him?

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