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Canada World Sikh Organization Steps In To Resolve Yellow Cab Taxi Driver`s Turban Dispute


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
SURREY: The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) has worked with Ammerdeep Singh and the Yellow Cab taxi company to reach a mutually acceptable resolution regarding the company’s dress code and his style of turban.

On July 7, Singh’s ID was frozen due to an alleged violation of Yellow Cab’s driver dress code. The issue in question was that of Singh’s turban style.

Singh approached WSO to intervene and help find a resolution to the situation. On Saturday July 9, WSO President Prem Singh Vinning and WSO’s Senior Policy Advisor Gian Singh Sandhu accompanied Singh to a meeting with Yellow Cab’s President Kulwant Sahota and the company’s Board of Directors.

After a respectful and open discussion it was decided that Singh’s ID would be immediately unfrozen and he may wear a turban style of his liking.
It was also decided that WSO will work with Yellow Cab to create a formal turban dress code policy for the company’s Sikh drivers.

Vinning said, “We were pleased that WSO could play a role in bringing a quick resolution to this situation. This resolution is a credit to both Yellow Cab and Ammerdeep Singh who have shown that when parties meet with respect and good faith, quick solutions are possible.”

Sandhu added, “The wearing of different turban styles is a question of individual choice. We’re glad that Yellow Cab accommodates different styles of turbans and this is no longer an issue.”



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