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Working With Christians #3

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I decided to have a lie in this morning, last night, was Harry Food night, so I bought a Pork Belly, some ham, bread, french butter, a bottle of uhmm, and spent the entire evening eating, feeding dan, and reading. I am unable to eat unless I am reading, possibly due to many many evenings spent alone, company irritates me at the best of times, but when I am reading and eating, woe betide any interruption, I love it when my wife sits opposite me and reads too, I try not to read when my stepson comes to visit, but he will normally throw a private eye, or a viz at me, and say, read, its ok, I dont mind.

    I sat in the garden after with Dan, and watched the stars, I have taught Dan to kiss me if I say 'give daddy a kiss', however there is no controlling the enthusiasm, and he knocks me flying and leaves me with a bruised nose. The lyrics of Depeche Mode, started to fill my head, they sang a song called Personal Jesus, you can see the attraction of Christians, all your sins forgiven, your own hotline to Jesus, the promise of everlasting life, just as long as you believe. I discussed this with Dan, and asked him what he thought, Dan looked really wise and thoughtful, then yawned and decided to clean his bottom.

    Anyway back to the morning, the phone went at 7.30am, it was my christian friend, I had sold him a computer, but it had no office suite on it, I explained that Office cost money, and I would be in breach of MS, if I just loaded it on, in the background his wife was shouting at him, I was fascinated, I thought christians were lord in their own house, but she was shouting!

    When we met later in the day, He said such disagreements were completely normal. I confessed my wife never shouted at me no matter what, to which he replied his normal answer when he does not believe me, 'YU HAH KEEDING' in that wonderful sing song way, that I have actually started speaking in myself, but no, we then talked about god for some time, about a personal god, who could grant my wishes, I said the Bible was an interesting novel, with interesting characters, he looked deeply hurt, so I apologised and said I had the utmost respect for him and his religion, but of course I did not believe in the bible, otherwise I would not be a sikh. He thought and then smiled again, (phew), he watched me take my heart pills, and offered to bring in some olive oil that was blessed, and would negate the need to take tablets, now it was my turn to adopt a stern expression, which I do not do very often, thats very dangerous, I remarked, no, no , he said, your own doctor would say you do not need these pills anymore, crumbs, I thought, by comparison sikhism is so uhmm boring? no miracles, no personal god, no heaven,

    He loves classic cars, like me, I asked what he would rather buy, an old Mercedes with no extras, no air con, no electric windows, no electric heated seats, just a standard 1980's 230E, or a modern Hyundai, with everything on it, he thought for a while, and then said the Mercedes, I asked why, He replied it was the real deal with no bells and gimmicks, and oozed class, whereas the Hyundai was just a basic car with lots of toys, that would all undoubtedly go wrong, the Mercedes had substance, the Hyundai had show,

    And that is why I am a sikh, I replied
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