Sikh News Wonder Cure Claimed Through Gurbani! This Time It Is Coeliac Disease!


Wonder cure claimed through Gurbani! Date: 06/12/2006
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  • Kuldip Bhatia

    Ludhiana, June 11
    “It is becoming increasingly difficult to reject or accept the cures through ‘Gurbani’. The reason is not hard to find. The types of diseases which had been cured cannot normally be treated through life long use of medicines or any other exercise or useful measure.”

    Says Dr Balwant Singh, secretary, Sarb Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission here: “The super specialists are in a fix, since they did not find anybody cured during their own clinical experience, spreading over decades, or there is no mention of these diseases having been cured through any other medicine in the latest medical books. And fortunately enough, they can not make it a sweeping statement that there could be remissions in the course of some diseases and cure is not possible.”
    He disclosed that one super specialist in the city was caught in a predicament when one of his patients had complete relief from an incurable disease, ‘coeliac disease’, caused due to wheat allergy. There was no known case of cure for this allergic disease in the world.
    Ms Neena Behal, who herself had found cure from coeliac disease through gurbani for more than two years now, initiated a young child - Suchain Sahnan (12) suffering from the same problem. To the astonishment of his parents and other skeptics, the blessed child was cured during his first ever prayer session of one hour prayers at local chapter of the mission in Model Town locality in the city.
    “This young child was under the treatment of the same specialist and was suffering from coeliac disease from the last seven years. His duodenal biopsy revealed total villous atrophy and tTg level was above 70.60 u/ml . He had not taken any wheat product since the last seven years. On the very first day of the healing session (through Gurbani), he took wheat products and thereafter he is taking normal food.” According to Dr Singh, the child was very fond of burgers, which he could not relish for the last several years due to wheat allergy. But now, Suchain has been eating burgers, as also other wheat products, without any problem. Even though, the boy stood completely cured, he has been attending the prayers sessions regularly for the last 15 days along with his mother and grand mother.
    “The blood tests of the child for wheat allergy revealed that the tTg level had came down to 2.5 U/ml, which was below normal. With the wheat allergy gone and the child having regular diet, he was now assured of normal growth and a healthy life.”
    Dr Balwant Singh further said that the case of Suchain, or for that matter Ms Neena Behal, were not solitary examples as thousands of others, suffering from different kind of chronic, disabling, and most of them from incurable diseases, had been cured, or rather blessed through Gurbani. “The mission is simply a medium. We put the sufferers on the right path and He cures,” Dr Singh remarked. Previous article:
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dr khalsa ji as you are a doctor so i am asking you is it possible that this type of allergy is cured by some other treatment or is this possible that the above disease is caused by stress and gurbani just releived
the stress. i have full faith in gurbani but in the cancer cure case many persons raised these type of question on various sites thats why i am asking you these questions


Dear Friend KDS1980,

When I came across the case of cancer that was cured in India ,
I really treid to study the case and also disscused with my Peers because of the same reason as I dont want Sikhism to be labbeled as Hocus Pocus , magis Stuff.

But as Akal willed I could not find any possibilty of spontaneous Cure for cancer ( Myeloma) which has secondary Manefestation and person recovers in Literally Minutes . The man in question was running on his feet actually he should be breaking his bones just off the body weight ( very loww calcium )

BUt Important thing is I havent seen Original reports but which the man is more than willing to give as said in vedios and other important thing was Respected MAkeen singh ji was sharing the stage with the man and I believe He is the one man who wont allow mockery of Sikhism so to my current understanding I believe that that it was wonder cure .

About this case I dont know anything but the desiase mentioned is coeliac Disease and it is not acquired alley but Inherit Rejection of body to digest wheat
It is Genetic ( in genes from birth ) disease and not very common in India and one reason is that due to poor aletrnative diet facilities and lack of early diagnosis .
And with my current knowledge I dont think there could be possible Total remission except on Gluten free diet life long

People in west know this better because whole of Gluten free Products are available in all the stores for these people here .

And one more thing I also came across One Member on this forum who has been cured of basically non curealble and potentially fatal Connective tissue disease

But such thing s are not just rlated to Sikhism I would say , while working in Hospital I am quite sure that daily such things happen in so many occasion for which there absolutely no clear cut answer that who they happen and I think here Faith is in play and for sure Guru Granth can for sure help somebody find or reinvent faith is all prevading AKAL .
So actually such miracles are always going on we just happen to note some of them :)

Jatinder Singh