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Islam Women's Rights In Islam


May 9, 2006
Auzer ji, thank you for the additional information regarding Islamic Law.

No , its wrong. Instead of relying on random posters on the internet , why don't you read the explanation of Islamic Law , which is one of the largest and most comprehensive legal code of human history , from the scholars themselves?
I think part of the problem might be that the information is being presented to us and we are reacting to it as presented. If we had genuine interest in the topic, we would research it thoroughly ourselves as you have suggested. But Naben ji is bringing us his information and presenting it on behalf of Islam. Perhaps that's where the scholarly research should start? I thank your good self for bringing some further information to us.

You hit the nail on the head when you said:

Cultural practices should not be mixed with the religion.
I agree with you 100%. And Islam surely did bring more rights to women than they previously had.

For me, according to my understanding, the biggest problems are still that Muslim men have the right to hit their wives (although it is within a narrow context, the right is still explicitly stated) and it is lawful for a man to have sex with his slave girls (again a narrow context). And even though this is better treatment than previously allowed to women, Islam (the religion) can't take the next step as civilisation as a whole evolves, and create laws that are even better still. A Muslim man will always have the right to hit his wife within Islam.

I take solace in the fact that Muslims themselves, being humans and evolving like the rest of us, better themselves as people and although Islam grants them these powers, they can choose not to use them.


Feb 19, 2012
Auzer ji, thank you for the additional information regarding Islamic Law.
Thank you.

Just on a side note : Harvard School of Law also have classes on "Islamic Law code (Shari'a law)" .. Do people here really think that an institution like Harvard will teach its students " A girl's testimony is half of man's" and so on :p

For me, according to my understanding, the biggest problems are still that Muslim men have the right to hit their wives (although it is within a narrow context, the right is still explicitly stated)
Yes , it is explicitly stated, just like the rights of women are explicitly stated as I mentioned above. This is the good thing about Islam. Things are clear/explicit , most of the times. Regarding hitting your women ..well we got lucky in this case.You will ask how? Well , some people asked about this verse from Muhammad (PBUH) himself and thank God , on this matter , we have the interpretation of the most supreme interpreter of the Qur'an ... Muhammad himself! So according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ... the "beating" referring in this verse is "symbolic beating" and it should be done as the "last resort" in any relationship. So Islam only tell us about "symbolic beating" and that too , in the case where wife is being completely unfair to the husband (like having affairs with others)..After that "symbolic beating" , next stage is left is divorce.. And Prophet (PBUH) also mentioned the nature of this symbolic beating... According to Prophet , a person can "beat" his wife with a "misvaak" .. Misvaak is a branch of tree that is thinner than a tooth brush and about the same size as our every-day tooth brushes ..and person CAN NOT hit her wife on the face and he should not hit her wife on the body so hard that any 'scar' is left... All these things are mentioned in detail in Muhammad's interpretation of this issue...Now you tell me , is this even a problem? I actually see this verse as one of the good things in Qur'an because Qur'an and Prophet here have explicitly established the limit of husband in reference to her wife. And ANYTHING beyond this limit automatically becomes a sin/unlawful/not-allowed ... Now if THIS is the 'limit' , what else you women can ask for ? :grinningsingh: and remember , this the 'law' established 1400 years ago in the harsh environment of tribal Arabia. Can you show me other SUCH humane laws for women during that time era? and also , this symbolic "beating" is the LAST resort in which husband tries to tell wife "enough is enough"...after that..there is divorce. Now people who would beat their wives will do so without any reason...they won't think about Islam , Christianity , Sikhism , etc etc ..they'll do it because they'll do it. But in Islam , there is absolutely no place for wife beating...

And if you are still in this...this link explains this issue even further and quotes Qur'an , Muhammad's interpretation (with reference!) and Islamic scholars like Dr Jamal Badawi explaining this issue...

and it is lawful for a man to have sex with his slave girls (again a narrow context).
Again not. It is NOT permissible for men to have sex with slave women UNLESS slave women give their consent ... And Islamic Law deals with slavery issue in great detail too. There is a whole section in Islamic fiqh about "The rights of slaves" etc ... But these issues are too long and complicated , as all legal issues are...Here's one link dealing with this issue...if you are can read it (This link provides actual Islamic point of view on slavery and sex with slaves issue ..this paper quotes 2 of 4 major Imams of the Islam !) ..

Just one quote :

"If a man acquires by force a slave-girl, then has sexual intercourse with her after he acquires her by force, and if he is not excused by ignorance, then the slave-girl will be taken from him, he is required to pay the fine, and he will receive the punishment for illegal sexual intercourse." (Imam Al Shaafi'i, Kitaabul Umm, Volume 3, page 253)

And if a man is mature , married , educated (means he knows Islamic laws) and he STILL 'forcefully' have sex with her slave ..... The man will be stoned to death! THIS was the protection of "slaves" in 7th century...The link provides several examples of Islamic law treating slaves nicely and humanely....When you see all this in the context of 7th century , you become proud as a Muslim that your faith was such a liberating force in those dark times (where burning a slave was 'not a big deal' ) ...

Plus : You actually don't even need to read the Islamic point of view on slavery because now , the whole Islamic world is under the 'pact' with the United Nations that there will be no slavery and that slavery is un-lawful. This fact has already "abolished" slavery under Islam and ANYONE having slaves is a criminal. Pacts are the 'highest' form of contracts that MUST be maintained under the Islamic law (Like Prophet's 'treaty of Hudabia for example) ... So Muslims don't even care about Slavery in Islamic law because it is illegal now and will remain so (until any Muslim nation resolves its pact with the U.N , which is not gonna happen for sure) ....

PEACE! :thumbsupp:
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