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With A Heavy & Sad Heart !

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Firstly, it is amazing to note that Sikhs with mere worldly academic qualifications/knowledge are preaching the literal meaning of Gurbani as if they are the contemporaries of our Gurus. THEY HAVE NO SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE/ EXPERIENCE ATTAINED THROUGH YEARS / LIFE-TIME OF "NAAM DE KAMAI" !

Secondly, I perceive Gurbani as the "FARM" and Reht Maryada as the FENCE. I have observed that the sole attention is focused on the FENCE, rather then "PLANTING & HARVESTING CROPS ON THE "FARM" i.e. Naam Simran , thus side-stepping the true teaching of our Gurus !

Present events of SGPC/ AKAL TAKHT/ SAD bear true witness of the above state of Sikh Religion !

Rather than WALK the spiritual path shown by our Gurus we tend to merely TALK it thus paying only lip service !

May WAHEGURU Ji, bless us with HIS divine love and enlighten us all !
Dec 8, 2005
Dear Veerji


please remember the spirit of

chadi kala and of

tera bana mitha lage and of

nische kar apne jeet karo.

and be cheerful in your daliy life