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Wings On Which To Soar

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Wings on which to soar

A sure way to heal a disagreement is to focus on your sincere appreciation for the relationship. An effective way to recover from financial setback is to focus on your gratitude for the many forms of abundance in your life.

To get beyond fear, fill your thoughts with thankfulness for the abilities and resources available to you. To successfully deal with disappointment, immerse your awareness in those things for which you can be truly grateful.

There is real power in gratitude. It can calm your anxieties and refresh your spirit.

The more thankful you are for your blessings, the more valuable and numerous those blessings will be. Each moment you spend with a grateful heart is a moment in which your ability to move forward is at its greatest.
The more you practice gratitude and integrate it into your being, the more easily and naturally it comes. The more gratitude you express, the more reasons you'll have to express it.

Gratitude can open your eyes and your heart to the very best that life has to offer. It will give you wings on which to truly soar.

-- Ralph Marston
Source: greatday.com
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