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Will Devendra Singh Win ‘Indian Idol 6’?


Jun 1, 2004
A recent poll conducted shows that the lanky surd is the reigning favourite

The finale of Indian Idol 6 will see the three finalists – Amit Kumar, Devendra Singh and Vipul Mehta – battle it out for the title of India’s next singing sensation in the presence of cousins Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. And while we have seen Sunidhi Chauhan go gaga over her pet favourite Amit Kumar, it looks like the nation stands by Asha Bhosale and Lata Mangeshkar’s choice – Devendra Pal Singh. Yup, and that’s clearly what the poll reflects.

But hang on, while Singh emerged as a winner in the said poll, the results also reveal that the margin is very small – Devendra got 37.83 percent, Amit Kumar got 35.2 per cent and Vipul Mehta received 26.97 per cent votes. And wethinks that it only makes the competition a lot more interesting and the tables might turn any moment!

So going by the way the three have been performing, the suspense over the winner of Indian Idol 6 might last till the very last moment.

So tell us, who do you think should be the next Indian Idol and why?

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
I shall be totally honest for once. Of course, I'm for Devinder Singh 100%. Just look at him!

:) :) :redturban: :blueturban: :happysingh: :)

I don't need to compare him to Ishmeet Singh. He has a very good voice, but really it's the fact that he's a keshdhari Sikh from Punjab that is the most important thing.

:thumbsupp: cheeringmunda cheerleader​


Jun 13, 2010
For me he is already A WINNER because of his age and talent, if you see age group 16-17 years old competing with older,for practice even 2-3 years matter, personally i like three of them for singing, little more to say Davinder's singing and HIS GURSIKHI SAROOP . I wish him very good luck.

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