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Why Sikhs Doubt Their Own History?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Minhas ji

Please expand a little more on your point. I ask, because doubts can work either way. Either we can doubt the history we are told from youth, and it turns out to be badly supported by the historical facts and gurbani. Or we can doubt those who even bring questions to the foreground for investigation. I am not sure what kind of doubt you have in mind.

Let me give an example. The historical evidence that all the Nit Nem we say is supported by the history of Guru Gobind Singh's life is very weak. Scholars bring this to the fore for review and discussion. In no way are they stating that a person should change their Nit Nem. In return for their efforts to gain knowledge, they are called guru nindhaks. Why? Yes there is scholarly doubt. The alternative is to live in a mental fog. Without discussion and analysis we are left doing x, y and z because "someone" told our grandparents to do it and they told our parents, and on and on. That is blind obedience and has nothing to do with faith. Doubt and disbelief are not the same. Our doubts can continue, while our practice continues, because of love.