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Why Do We Forget?

Mar 5, 2010
New York City
This is my question to all the Sikhs who continuous forget that we are not free. WHY? As you all know, with everything going on in Punjab concerning Balwant Singh Rajoana, we as Sikhs are not able to do anything to get him out of prison. He being in Punjab (land of Sikhs) we should be able to break him our regardless of the government. The Indian government has given us no right then why do Sikhs still think that they will be given justice? We all need to wake up and face the facts. History is repeating itself today again and we are still not woken by it. It's sad no matter happens; Sikhs just continue to go through everything. We are not weak and it needs to be realized. We need to be become one and become free!


Dec 29, 2011
Re: Why do we forget??????????????

This question and awareness is being raised by number of Sikhs on this, however, the majority need to be told about this again, again, and again... People are cocooned in their own little world. It takes someone like Rajona soorbeer youdha to wake up the Sikh nation and bring them together.

There needs to be plan for mass awareness (not for a month, for a year, it needs till the day the world knows and we are free from gaulami dee janjeer). Internet is so powerful and the message can spread like wild fire. We should be utilising all the tools like facebook,youtube to let the world know what is happening to us and what is the reason for so much injustice.

As long as the world understand then will gather more support for our cause. Everybody knows Sikhs for their sincerity, hard work, loyalty, community spirit. People will work with us if we let them know what is happening. The truth cannot be hidden any more, the time for a change has come.

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
Im sorry to dampen this debate with a bit of reality, but the sad fact of the matter is that any Sikh with a reasonable amount of assets and family in India is going to know only too well which side of the bread the butter is on.

It is interesting to note that most Sikhs who would oppose this publicly, have nothing to lose, whilst those that stay quiet have much to lose,

And that my friends is the world we live in today
Mar 5, 2010
New York City
Every person has something to lose. However, some of us have no such attachments or fear. The courage to stand up for what is right and fight against wrong is given to each individual by the Grace of Guru. Now, those who read bani more than others will be the ones without fear. When a being realizes that God is purpose of life only then you can walk on his road.
Bani has lots of power and it has the capacity to get rid of any attachments a being might have. I do not believe it is necessary that those who stand for truth do so because they have nothing to lose. It is because they are with God and have connected to bani.
Mar 5, 2010
New York City
Understanding comes from reading the bani. You can get others understanding of the bani by listening to Katha and so on. However, even if a person shows you the way, you yourself have to walk on it. The way will mean nothing if you are not walking on it. Same thing applies to bani. A person themself has to read the bani and have their own understanding of it. If you read bani, you will understand it. And with that you will be able to connect to God.


Nov 27, 2011
I don't think we have forgotten anything, Sikhs are fighting for their homeland!!! We have a name for it Khalistan!! People have already laid their lives for it.

Sikhs should have their on homeland because the so called homeland they are in now (India) have been oppressing them for years example 1984 (Sikh genocide) attacked by their own country. Also the many other issues such as to be able to teach Sikh history at schools, which is currently not in the Indian curriculum in Punjab.

Bhai Balwant Singh has become a freedom ikon for Sikhs in this time. I hope he is pardoned the death sentence and help with freeing Sikhs in India.

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