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Whose Golden Temple? It Is Our Darbar Sahib

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Should we continue to refer to the "Golden Temple" of Amritsar.

In fact British coined the term Golden Temple of Amritsar along with numerous other Golden temples like

Golden Temple of Burma or Myanmar for Golden Pagoadas.
http://www.travelod estination. com/wp-content/ uploads/2009/ 09/shwedagon- pagoda.jpg

Golden temple of Varanasi & Kashi Vishwanath even though it had only one gold dome as Maharaja Ranjit Singh had donated the gold but half was used for one dome and second dome gold was eaten by Pujaris.
http://www.indovaca tion.net/ images/kashi- vishwanath- temple%5B2% 5D.jpg

Golden temple of Budha's tooth in Ceylon.
http://images. travelpod. com/users/ salcat/1. 1206720000. inside_temple_ of_the_tooth. jpg

Golden temple of Vat Chang in Vietnam.
http://images. travelpod. com/users/ gonetilwhenever/ round_the_ world.1175144400 .027_vat_ xieng_tong_ temple.jpg

Sikhs are foolish to use again and again terms like Golden Temple or Swaran Mandir.

Also significance of the Darbar Sahib is due to fact that Guru Granth Sahib was installed for the first time in 1604 at Darbar Sahib. and not due to mythical tales of crows turning white or leper husband of Rajni getting cured.
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