Who Said We Have To Be Perfect?

Jun 1, 2004
As humans as we are, we are not perfect, we know, don’t we?

Some of us may try more some of us, less; some don’t worry too much about being perfect.

In the end, it probably isn’t that much about being “perfect” but being human, being an individual. An individual, part of this big cosmic net we all belong to in our own individuality, but at the same time being all interconnected.

We are individuals with good and bad features, with a superb intellect and/or health, with illnesses and disorders and so on. But it is right there where and what the challenge of life is: If we have weaknesses and we are aware of them, then let us try to overcome them; if we can’t, let us try to live with them the best way as possible, never falling into self compassion, that hole is too deep and too dark, and leads us and the ones around us, nowhere.

Instead, why don’t we try to work on ourselves? How? Why not “scanning” us as objective as possible, to see where and why we are failing, what we may and can improve. I’m sure we can. I don’t believe in the saying that –particularly after a certain age– there is no way that a human being is able to change.

We are always moving between good and bad, happiness and sadness, good and bad temper, mood swings. We have to accept this as part of our own individuality. Once we accept it, we will be more able and willing to correct and change for better, whatever we want and can.

We don’t have to be perfect, who said that? We just have to be us, ourselves, always trying to grow and improve through our paths of life. But we should never forget positiveness, optimism. We should always see “the glass half full, not half empty”. And last but not least, never do to do others what we wouldn’t others to do to us.
Jul 13, 2004
To add on to what you have said...

"Imperfection is a sign of individuality" - Geri Halliwell.

But, what IS perfection? What makes a human being perfect? What is the perfect attitude, beliefs, looks, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, nationality, gender, sexuality?

If you look around you will see the world is an ocean of diversity, and I would say that this diversity = perfection rather than their being a perfect being itself.

I guess the only thing we can regard as perfect is GOD.


Dec 19, 2004
New York, USA
I would say that god is outside the bounds of perfect. Although I agree that diversity=perfection, there has been perfect individuals on earth. Many historians and socialogists agree that great personalities like Jesus (SAWW), Mohammad (SAWW), Sahab Guru Nanak Ji, Buddha were all examples of perfect individuals but there is one person that surely sticks out, that man s name is Hazrat Ali (AS). It is not whether he is more perfect than the others mentioned, as many know the Islamic religion even states that Prophet Mohammads perfection is exponentially greater than Hazrat Ali (AS), but that he was one of the few men whose perfection was even realized in this world. A few pearls by Imam Ali (A.S.):

1) The punishment of involving yourself in the love of material aspects is the deprivation of true love for Allah.

2) Miserliness is the clothing of dishonour.

3) It is easier to turn a mountain into dust, than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred.

4) The person who follows his desires will surely get lost (becomes purposeless).

5) Bravery is that you exercise patience.

6) Moderation is the best status in all affairs.

7) Your best friend is that person who assists you the most in time of your needs.

8) It is better to refrain from sins than to seek forgiveness later.

9) An intelligent enemy is (sometimes) better than a foolish friend.

10) Ability (taufeeq) to do something is good fortune and helplessness (not being able to do something) is misfortune.

11) The person who assists a brother at times of difficulty, Allah will assist him in his time of need.

12) Every act that is beneficial is charity (sadaqa).

13) Many outside (strange) people are better than your own relatives.

14) Some are great people but people do not value (appreciate) them.

15) A respectable person always remains honourable even if he is afflicted with difficulties.

16) A person will not be perplexed who makes mashwara (consults) with others.

17) A cautious (and intelligent) person is he who does not (always) rely on his own opinion and judgment.

18) The eyes are the writing place of the heart i.e. whatever the eyes see, it makes an impression on the heart.

19) What a beautiful thing is it for rich people to humble themselves in front of the poor only for the Pleasure of Allah.

20) Do not become arrogant when everything is going according to your desire.

21) Do not become despondent when things go against your desires.

22) Whoever strives to attain something he will achieve it or a part of it. Therefore never become discouraged with your efforts.


Sep 16, 2004
I really dont understand what kind of perfection you all are talking about may be philosophical perfection and in that sense AKL PURAKH , ALLAH could be called perfect

While in physical sense perfection is other name of death . being perfect is being dead in every sense

Imagine perfect plant with perfect branches with all leaves perfectly shaped for sure it will look like a dead plant a synthetic plant .I you ever happen to see nature it seems absolutelu imperfect and this the beauty , each and every leaf, petals flowers is imperfect and that give rise to beauty , creativity

Perfection leaves no room for improvement and a perfect being is actually a dead being and basically I personally rejects this notion of perfect being JESUS , NANAK
the only perfect thing that I can imagine is AKAL PURAKH himself/herself

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