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Where Younger Sahibzadas Were Bricked Alive

Vikram singh

Feb 24, 2005

Fatehgarh Sahib: It is said that Diwan Todar mal had bought the land for cremation of the younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh by spreading the 'ashrafis' on the ground. Three centuries later, people in Punjab still dig at night at the Sirhind haveli of Diwan Todar Mal to hunt for those 'ashrafis'.
The sad part is that the SGPC has never taken any notice of the haveli which now stands reduced to ruins. Some people are often seen taking even the bricks from the haveli away.

Parts of the haveli have been encroached upon by some farmers. Looking at the haveli it is clear that at least the SGPC has completely forgotten the sacrifice of Diwan Todar Mal.

On top of it, the SGPC's way of caring for its heritage has resulted in such a situation where the Sikhs today cannot show their children where is the 'Thanda Burj', or where was the wall in which the younger sahibzadas were bricked alive, or where is the Chamkaur Garhi.
Aug 6, 2006
First off all the entire sikh history has to be studied and unified.
Different authors of history give different account of events which is very confusing for the readers. Prachin Panth Prakash by Bhai Ratan Singh Bhangu is giving a totally different version of the shaheedi of younger Sahibzadas.
Much is needed to be done for The Chardi Kala of Sikhi.
Bhuk chuck maaf

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