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Where Oh Where Is God?

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Anoop, May 22, 2006.

  1. Anoop

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    Where did sikhism come from. Why is it not an act. Where do you begin your life?

    The truth is, life starts when you look for god in your heart. God is everyones origin. God is there. God is not outside. God is in your heart. Pray to the one god in your heart. The more and more you pray in your heart, the more you will become god.

    Sikhism was not merely a religion. Infact, it was from god. People are capable of being just like the gurus. The guru themselves were god.

    The thing is, it is too late for the people in this life to be like the gurus, as they were to pure. They had god in them, the unlimited overwhelming love of god.

    People have different levels of god inside them. Dont be confused, when deciding where god is, or is there a god. God is your belief in the heart. God is the origin, and the more you pray and gain knowledge of why the gurus gae birth to sikhism then you will realise at that time there was a need. The world rite now, need to be like sikhs, because it is the actual call of god.

    God is the one, look and talk to god in your heart. God is the origin and loves everyone.
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  3. OP

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    Remember, at first it will be hard to have love in god depending on your personality. Some people are naturally in love with god, whereas people are convinced or are getting the idea. For those who find it hard, if you are those people who have devotion for music, then shabad is the best start for you. People will have different ways in believing in god, but whatever way it is, it will always be love. If there is no love for god, then you will struggle. You must have some kind of path that has passion and is emotional towards god. People who like for reading for example, may find it exciting reading the gurbani. People who like exploring may like to read books about the sikh gurus. Whatever it is, find the way that is best for you, and then you can go about finding god.

    May god bless you all.
  4. bulleshah

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    May 10, 2006
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    The problem is our tendency to turn great ideas into religion or God.

    But what is God ?? Is it not the collective desires and yearnings of the people
    and their environment ??

    That is why in the past people used to move from one god to another. That was really
    very significant, it was an evolution. The God of Moses is less sophisticated than the
    God of Jesus, naturally; there are thousands of years between these two enlightened
    persons. Moses was as enlightened as Jesus, but Moses had to talk the language which
    could be understood by his people, and those people were very primitive. Hence Moses
    spoke in the language of law, commandments: do this, don't do that.

    Law was his central emphasis.

    By the time Jesus arrived man had evolved. Jesus talked about love, not about law.
    Love was his law. Now love is a higher value than law, certainly holier than law.
    Law is mundane. The God of the Jews was a jealous god... because we make our
    God in our own image. The God of the Jews was a very angry god; for small reasons
    he would destroy cities. A person just commits a sin -- and what is sin in the ancient
    concept? He just disobeys a certain commandment -- and God can destroy the
    whole town! It was a very angry, violent god.

    It was not really the god that was violent and angry, it was the people. Their eyes were
    full of violence and anger, they could not see the real God.

    Remember this: God is always the same. It was exactly the same when Moses was alive,
    it was exactly the same when Jesus was alive, it is exactly the same when we are alive;
    it will remain the same. God is always the same, but our eyes change.

    Jesus could see God as love, as compassion. God was growing because man was growing.
    And man was changing one god for another, for a higher conception of god. Man has always
    been changing gods, and that's perfectly right. When we change, how can our rudimentary
    ideas of God remain the same? When our eyes change everything changes.

    That's how it has been. When Moses talked about God, he talked about the God which the
    Jews of his time could have understood. When Jesus talked about God, of course, three
    thousand years had passed, man had grown, had come of age; it was possible to talk
    about love. At least a few people could understand him -- not many, but a few. Hence
    he was crucified; because the many could not understand yet.

    In the past people have been changing their god.

    One of the Indian incarnations of god is Parashuram. He killed millions of people, his whole
    life was that of a killer. Another incarnation of god is Buddha. He was absolutely non-violent;
    he would not kill even an ant. Between the time of Parashuram and Buddha much water had
    flowed down the Ganges. Buddha brings a new concept of God, a new vision. It is the same
    god, but he gives you new eyes.

    In the past people had been changing gods: "Men have left God not for other gods..."
    But in the present day something else has happened: Man has not left God for other gods
    -- that would have been okay -- "they say, but for no God." Man has dropped the whole idea
    of God, the whole idea of a divine presence in existence, the whole idea of any meaning,
    the whole idea that existence is alive, conscious: And now we are standing empty
    and we are feeling empty.

    BUT MAN CANNOT remain empty; it is difficult to remain empty. Just as nature abhors a vacuum,
    so is it the case with the inner nature too. So a new phenomenon is happening: "Men both deny
    gods and worship gods." They have created their own gods. They don't worship God the Father
    and the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ any more; they have changed that old trinity. They worship
    Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, V.I. Lenin -- a new trinity. Now this is very ordinary; to worship
    Karl Marx or Engels or Lenin is to worship something very ordinary. And remember, whatsoever
    you worship you will become, because your worship is your longing deep down.

    "Professing first Reason..." -- and because man cannot remain empty for long, he replaced it
    first with reason; reason became god, the head became god. Anything that is proved by reason
    is truth, anything that is not proved by reason is untruth. Now this is nonsense! Reason is limited,
    it cannot prove many things.

    For example, it cannot prove the beauty of a rose, but the beauty exists; reason is impotent
    to prove it. Reason cannot prove the existence of love, but love exists; reason is inadequate
    to prove it. If you ask reason about music it will say it is only noise. It may be arranged in such
    a way that it gives you an illusion of melody, but there is no melody, only noise; it cannot see
    the melody. Reason is blind. Yes, it has certain qualities, but only certain qualities. The whole
    of existence is not available to it.

    And then money became god; millions of people worship money as god. And you will be surprised
    to know that this country, India, which goes on bragging about its spirituality, which goes on
    bragging that it is destined to lead the whole of humanity towards spirituality, worships money
    more than any other country. It actually worships! There is a festival, the Festival of Lights,
    Diwali, when people worship money-notes, coins; they actually worship! -- money is god.
    In other countries they may not actually be worshipping, but the worship there is unconsciously.

    And power has become a god. The politician has become the most important person in the world.
    The dirtiest politician is thought to be something superhuman. And so it is with religious institutions
    like the SGPC. We have denied God, but how can we deny our emptiness? We have rejected God,
    and we had to stuff something in the empty space, so we stuff it with political power, with money,
    with reason, with race, with dialectics -- if you cannot find anything else, then dialectical
    materialism, the philosophy of communism, fascism, nazism.

    Man cannot live without religion. Man cannot live without God. If the true God is not available
    man is bound to create home-made gods.

    "The Church disowned, the tower overthrown, the bells upturned, and what have we
    to do but stand with empty hands and palms turned upwards in an age which
    advances progressively backwards?"

    Yes, T.S. Eliot is right.

  5. vijaydeep Singh

    vijaydeep Singh
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    Jul 30, 2004
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    as per TS elliot,your body ,soul and God are one and the same.That is exterem state of Adwaitism.or non dulity.
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