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SALDEF Where Do Police Go To Learn About Sikh Americans?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
What do hate crimes, racial profiling, and recruitment have in common?

Photo depicts a SALDEF training session with the Boston Police Department, Boston MA.

They are the three reasons that SALDEF has made training law enforcement officers a priority since 1999. The law enforcement community is responsible for investigating hate crimes and the group most likely to racially profile.

So, isn’t it important that they know who Sikhs are?

SALDEF has been a pioneer in training law enforcement officers. SALDEF’s Law Enforcement Partnership Program (LEPP) has had an incomparable impact:

• 8 – Number of police departments that have issued invitations for Sikh Americans to apply

• 10,500 – Number of police officers in the Washington DC PD and Boston PD who have received a one-hour in person training

• 43,000 – Number of TSA personnel who watched SALDEF’s training video in one year

• 100,000 – Number of officers or security personnel who have attended live SALDEF trainings

If educating police officers about Sikh Americans is important to you, consider making a monthly donation to support education of law enforcement officers. Your contribution of:

• $250 – provides free informational materials during a training session

• $500 – pays for a SALDEF staff to travel to a city to conduct a training session

• $1000 – supports distribution of 300 copies of SALDEF’s On Common Ground training video

More importantly, as we gain accommodations for Sikh Americans to join police departments, Sikh Americans will be protecting other Americans. This is one of the most effective ways to promote a positive image of Sikh Americans.

Support us with a generous year-end donation or monthly donation so that we can expand this program and build a partnership with the police department in your city!

If you would like us to conduct training for your local city/county police department, please contact us at: training@saldef.org


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