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When Sikhs Used To Echo In Unity

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Aman Singh, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    I was asked to represent free Western youth and was carried on shoulders of huge Sikh men at head of column of @ 750,000 Sikh protesters supporting Sikh Rights against the Wolverhampton Bus Company in England against their decree that Sikhs could only work for them if they cut their hair and beards, discarded the turban and other Sikh sacred items.

    I raised my fist and cried "Freedom" and the cry echoed back in a roar from the strong voices all the way down the column.

    It was an amazing experience. I understand what rock stars get from their huge audience responses from that unforgettable surge of power that uplifted me in that moment.

    The Sikhs won.

    Cutting from Bombay Blitz April 12, 1969.

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  3. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Mai Harinder Kaur
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    Oct 6, 2006
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    I can only imagine in awe the spectacle of 750,000 Sikhs agreeing on anything. I remember my swelling of pride in the community as it (singular pronoun, a collective acting as a single unit) foiled the attempt to deport Laibar Singh ji from Canada a couple years ago.

    If we could ever manage to agree on any issue and stand together, we could accomplish whatever goal we were to set. Alas that I must write in the subjunctive.

    Still, this sort of stubbornness - here I stand and you can't make me move - is practically part of what makes a Sikh a Sikh. Many, most of us are tough, strong individuals who find compromise and diplomacy nearly impossible.

    But let me dream of 20,000,000 + Sikhs all standing together. OK?

    (Why are smilies turned off? This deserves a smilie.)
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