religious freedom

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    Canada The Sikh Kirpan: Balancing Religious Freedom With Security

    Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia On Jan. 18, four representatives of the World Sikh Organization of Canada were refused entry into the Quebec National Assembly because they were wearing the kirpan -- a religious requirement of the Sikh Faith for those formally initiated. The Sikhs had gone there to...
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    Navigating The Turbulent Waters Of Religion And Women's Rights: An Interview With Thoraya Obaid

    Thoraya Obaid, a proud Muslim and Saudi Arabian citizen, just completed ten years as Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations agency that seems always to be in the cross hairs of religious controversy. A passionate advocate both for women's rights and...
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    When Sikhs Used To Echo In Unity

    I was asked to represent free Western youth and was carried on shoulders of huge Sikh men at head of column of @ 750,000 Sikh protesters supporting Sikh Rights against the Wolverhampton Bus Company in England against their decree that Sikhs could only work for them if they cut their hair and...