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General What Is Your Goal?


Apr 4, 2011
HI i am Harwinder singh I reside in California, USA. I am a manager at a Pizza joint. I am excited about this websites and would like to thank the creators of doing a fine job. It gives me a place to go for advice and well peace and just express myself. This website has brought me closer to my Sikh roots.

My Goal in life is to become a nuerologist i know it is a long path and requires some good finacial back up plan. I am working on that have been out of high school for four years but just found out what i wanna be. I am no where near it but i know with waehgurus help i can do it.

If you have any advice Let me know.

Whats your goal in life?

Admin ji if i can, i wanna ask people to particapate and give each other advice on how to get to there goal or if they have been there and done it how they did it?

So what is your goal?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Harwinder ji

I thank you for the positive things you have said about the merits of SPN in your life. It is wonderful that you have found this forum helpful to you.

One truth in all of this is: I cannot ever predict whether a new topic will draw participation, any at all, a trickle, a flood of comments. There is just no way to know.

You are however to be commended for making your life meaningful and productive. Already you are doing so much. As you move toward the goal of becoming a neurologist, keep one thing in mind. Lay out a step by step plan, and tackle one step at a time. Don't wear yourself out trying to solve 20, 30 or 80 problems all at once. And when life seems to be pushing you down, Push Back! Gently but firmly.



Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
My Goal in life is to become a nuerologist i know it is a long path and requires some good finacial back up plan. I am working on that have been out of high school for four years but just found out what i wanna be. I am no where near it but i know with waehgurus help i can do it.

Trust me the western culture is lot flexible about how your career goes. I have seen 35+ years old women doing their bachelors. It is not like Indian families where a child has to know what to do after passing out class 12 and perhaps do an MBA by the time they are 25. Agreed that Indian parents impart a lot of stress on education (higher) but sometimes it leads to stressful situations.

If you have any advice Let me know.

I think best would be to get in contact with universities you would like to go. You can search the best universities for the course you wish to pursue. Contact the professors of head of departments. Or the career counselors. People will be really helpful. Find out the requirements and how you can fit into the scheme of things. You might need to do an undergrad degree before you reach actual neuro surgeon one.


Dec 22, 2009
Harwinder Ji,

I am in the same boat and hope the following nuggets of info help!

One piece of advice that I'm beginning to find very helpful in all goals in life is, to observe, emulate habits of and seek advice from people who are where you wish to be. In terms of career, even if your not in school at the moment, head to the library, look for literature in your field... work by individuals who have excelled in your field and absorb what they say. Not only WHAT they have done, but HOW they've done it. What their mentality and beliefs are concerning their choice in career.

And when approaching success, ive found it best to approach it with the intention of helping others with it. It also makes it far less stressful and you can be at peace knowing the strength and blessings God gives you are being used to help others in some way.

I am in a similar situation, I know where I want to go with my career but feel discouraged sometimes b/c people my age are now heading to med school and such. In any case, believe in yourself, your talents, your strength and have a good support system of friends and family. One of the scariest things to do is to put yourself out there, with the possibility of being rejected... before doing that, make sure you have some support to rely on to re-build you.

And praying helps. For any blockages that may come, pray that they will be dissolved.


Aug 17, 2010
World citizen!
Be proactive, think outside the box and don't be afraid of challenges. Those are the things that have helped me in my career. Go above and beyond what is required. Be prepared for hard work as it will be recognised even if not openly acknowledged. Do your homework with reference to places and people where you apply as that really impresses.

Always remember who you are and don't do anything that doesn't fit in with your morals. Don't change yourself to 'try and fit in'. Being an individual and being known for doing the right thing which is not always the easiest thing will work more in your favour in the longterm.

Keep good relations with family as they are the ones that will give you practical support. Always remember Waheguru for spiritual support and to avoid successes going to your head.

Keep in mind a long term plan and a separate short term plan so you don't get disheartened. Acknowledge each small step as an achievement as you go along. Don't let your life be all work. Make time for other important things such as reading gurbani and enjoying the sun.

Finally, get involved in charity work as it will always make you feel better and help bring you perspective. It will keep you grounded and help you feel like you are giving something back.

I personally have 3 goals in life;
-To do well in my career and I am on track for that
-To learn more and more about Gurbani and implement in my life. This is also a work in progress!
-To look after my parents when they need me

Good luck!!



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