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  1. spnadmin

    Different Paths To The Same Goal? Are We Being Politically Correct?

    Being Politically Correct In interfaith discussions there is a tendency to portray one’s own religion as tolerant, and in the process, just to be politically correct, to praise other faiths as equally valid and true as one’s own, even when the faiths are in total disagreement. In the process...
  2. Scarlet Pimpernel

    What Is The Goal Of Sikhi?

    Is the purpose of Sikhism to inculcate divinity or is the aim merely to become proficient in the doctrine of Sikhism? Personally I would exchange alot of religious study, for a brief realization of the Infinite. The aim of Sikhism after all is to purify the mind and enlighten one self. Obtaining...
  3. H

    General What Is Your Goal?

    HI i am Harwinder singh I reside in California, USA. I am a manager at a Pizza joint. I am excited about this websites and would like to thank the creators of doing a fine job. It gives me a place to go for advice and well peace and just express myself. This website has brought me closer to my...
  4. spnadmin

    Personal Goal Setting. Why Set Goals?

    Forwarded by email from another SPN member. ;) Personal goal setting
Why Set Goals?

"Life’s a long, long journey" so we are told, and most of us would not set off on a journey, even a short one, without some idea of where we wanted to go. Yet many people travel on life’s journey with...
  5. S

    Goal Of Human Life

    The Ultimate Goal The Ultimate Goal « Khalsa Panth
  6. H

    Toward The Sikh Goal Of " Unifying Man Kind " By New Panj Piaras

    Dear brothers, loving SSAKAL :) A thought came to my mind that we could fulfill the cherished dreams of our Guru by unifying the mankind with the help of our to be so called the new panj piaras. Sikh couple could be encouraged to have five children who would act as Panj...
  7. A

    Working With Other Religious Groups To Achieve A Common Goal?

    Now that Hurricaine Rita has become the second category 5 storm in as many months, I'm bracing myself for the suffering that may occur from the impact. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience working with other faith organizations...churches, mandirs, mosques, synagogues, interfaith...
  8. drkhalsa

    The Ultimate Goal

    A man was travelling on his path he was determined to reach his ultimate goal. Along the way he started feeling hungry. He now had a new goal : To eat, he also felt thirsty so he left his original path and started walking towards the river. Reaching the river he thought it's best to wash my...