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Toward The Sikh Goal Of " Unifying Man Kind " By New Panj Piaras

Dec 8, 2005
Dear brothers,

loving SSAKAL :)

A thought came to my mind that we could fulfill the cherished dreams of our Guru by unifying the mankind with the help of our to be so called the new panj piaras.

Sikh couple could be encouraged to have five children who would act as Panj piaras of todays to unify mankind into one race.

We could then have four of them married them into the four main religions of the world .

First child :- with Christian ( got to be logical and a technocrat ).

Second child :- with Muslims ( got to hyper religious and little intolerant).

Third child :- To Hindoo ( He has to be spiritual , assimilating and a software whiz kid).

Fourth child : - To a Buddhist ( got to be spiritualist and technocrat ).

Fifth child :- With another sikh to continue on this legacy till the whole mankind is fused into one race.

what do you have to say:confused:

Wont this step endear us to our Gurus.

Bhul chuk maf


hps62:) :D :star: :crazy: :thumbup:
Dec 8, 2005
Dear Brother's


Sorry I forgot to add that

FUSION BAHNGRA is a musical equivalent of this thought



Apr 24, 2006
interestiong but ill leave it at that
it wud be nice if everyone became sikhs
but then again i sound offensive everytime lol cant help it
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