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What Is Wrong With Halal Now?

Oct 6, 2023
So halal meat is not any more cruel than regular meat but it is blessed.
All meat involves an animal suffering at least a little because they are being killed. But it is probably better than a bear eating a cow. They probably don’t worry about being humane. I don’t know that for sure though so don’t quote me on it.
Oct 6, 2023
Re: Query about Jhatka Meat by Shooting in Head

I see your point, but Does not Kosher mean pure, as does Halal?:interestedsingh:
Were there even any Jews in Punjab at the time? Why would a guru forbid something that didn’t exist there? Halal did. I’m not sure about kosher.

swarn bains

Apr 8, 2012
halaal means earned one. the meaning is same for sikhs and muslims. for sikhs if they kill an animal they kill with one stroke of the sword for muslims it is\ said that even if you shoot an animal but it not halaal til they cut its shah rag with a knife by reading a kalma bismillah alla hu akbr 3 times. rest the sscholars to decide
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