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What Happens To Manmukh


Jan 10, 2008

Bani Nirankaar tells us that one must obey his Guru.

Self willed keeps spinning around. They keep increasing their store of sorrows.

manmukhaa manmukh mu-ay mayree kar maa-i-aa raam.
The self-willed manmukhs die in their self-willed stubbornness, declaring that the wealth of Maya is theirs.

khin aavai khin jaavai durganDh marhai chit laa-i-aa raam.
They attach their consciousness to the foul-smelling pile of filth, which comes for a moment, and departs in an instant.

laa-i-aa durganDh marhai chit laagaa ji-o rang kasumbh dikhaa-i-aa.
They attach their consciousness to the foul-smelling pile of filth, which is transitory, like the fading color of the safflower.

khin poorab khin pachham chhaa-ay ji-o chak kumHi-aar bhavaa-i-aa.
One moment, they are facing east, and the next instant, they are facing west; they continue spinning around, like the potter's wheel.

dukh khaaveh dukh saNcheh bhogeh dukh kee biraDh vaDhaa-ee.
In sorrow, they eat, and in sorrow, they gather things and try to enjoy them, but they only increase their stores of sorrow.

naanak bikham suhaylaa taree-ai jaa aavai gur sarnaa-ee. ||2||
O Nanak, one easily crosses over the terrifying world-ocean, when he comes to the Sanctuary of the Guru. ||2||


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