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What Does Guru Ji Mean By This Panktee/Shabad?

Discussion in 'Gurmat Learning Zone' started by Gyani Jarnail Singh, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    "One Word that Kills Evil Mindedness' kvnu sbdu ijqu durmiq hrY ?"
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  3. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Re: What Does Guru Ji Mean By This Panktee ?? What "shabad" Is This ?/

    AMg 237​
    ang 237
    Page 237
    gauVI mhlw 5 ]​
    urree mehulaa 5
    Gauree, Fifth Mehl:

    pRQmy grB vws qy tirAw ]​
    ae gurubh vaas thae ttariaa
    First, they come forth from the womb.

    puqR klqR kutMb sMig juirAw ]​
    uthr kuluthr kuttunb sung juriaa
    They become attached to their children, spouses and families.

    Bojnu Aink pRkwr bhu kpry ] srpr gvnu krihgy bpury ]1]​
    ojun anik prukaar buhu kupurae
    The foods of various sorts and appearances will surely pass away, O wretched mortal! ||1||

    kvnu AsQwnu jo kbhu n trY ]​
    kuvun asuth​
    aan jo kubuhu n tturai
    What is that place which never perishes?

    kvnu sbdu ijqu durmiq hrY ]1] rhwau ]​
    kuvun subudh j​
    ith dhurumath hurai
    What is that Word by which the dirt of the mind is removed? ||1||Pause||

    ieMdR purI mih srpr mrxw ]​
    indhr puree mehi surupur murunaa
    In the Realm of Indra, death is sure and certain.

    bRhm purI inhclu nhI rhxw ]​
    brehum p​
    uree nihuchul nehee rehunaa
    The Realm of Brahma shall not remain permanent.

    isv purI kw hoiegw kwlw ]​
    iv puree kaa hoeigaa kaalaa
    The Realm of Shiva shall also perish.

    qRY gux mwieAw ibnis ibqwlw ]2]​
    ai gun maaeiaa binas bithaalaa
    The three dispositions, Maya and the demons shall vanish. ||2||

    igir qr Drix ggn Aru qwry ]​
    ir thur dhuran gugun ar thaarae
    The mountains, the trees, the earth, the sky and the stars;

    riv sis pvxu pwvku nIrwry ]​
    rav sas puvun p​
    aavuk neeraarae
    the sun, the moon, the wind, water and fire;

    idnsu rYix brq Aru Bydw ]​
    inus rain buruth ar bhaedhaa
    day and night, fasting days and their determination;

    swsq isMimRiq ibnsihgy bydw ]3]​
    aasuth sinmrith binusehigae baedhaa
    the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas shall pass away. ||3||

    qIrQ dyv dyhurw poQI ]​
    eeruth dhaev dhaehuraa pothee
    The sacred shrines of pilgrimage, gods, temples and holy books;

    mwlw iqlku soc pwk hoqI ]​
    aalaa thiluk soch paak hothee
    rosaries, ceremonial tilak marks on the forehead, meditative people, the pure, and the performers of burnt offerings;

    DoqI fMfauiq prswdn Bogw ]​
    othee ddunddouth purusaadhun bhogaa
    wearing loin cloths, bowing in reverence and the enjoyment of sacred foods

    gvnu krYgo sglo logw ]4]​
    guvun kur​
    aigo sugulo logaa
    - all these, and all people, shall pass away. ||4||

    jwiq vrn qurk Aru ihMdU ]​
    aath vurun thuruk ar hindhoo
    Social classes, races, Muslims and Hindus;

    psu pMKI Aink join ijMdU ]​
    pus punkh​
    ee anik jon jindhoo
    beasts, birds and the many varieties of beings and creatures;

    sgl pwswru dIsY pwswrw ]​
    sugul p​
    aasaar dheesai paasaaraa
    the entire world and the visible universe

    ibnis jwiego sgl Awkwrw ]5]​
    inas jaaeigo sugul aakaaraa
    - all forms of existence shall pass away. ||5||

    shj isPiq Bgiq qqu igAwnw ]​
    sehuj s​
    ifath bhugath thuth giaanaa
    Through the Praises of the Lord, devotional worship, spiritual wisdom and the essence of reality,

    sdw Anµdu inhclu scu Qwnw ]​
    aa anundh nihuchul such thaanaa
    eternal bliss and the imperishable true place are obtained.

    qhw sMgiq swD gux rsY ]​
    aa sungath saadh gun rusai
    There, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the Lord's Glorious Praises are sung with love.

    AnBau ngru qhw sd vsY ]6]​
    anubho nugur theh​
    aa sudh vusai
    There, in the city of fearlessness, He dwells forever. ||6||

    qh Bau Brmw sogu n icMqw ]​
    theh bho bhurum​
    aa sog n chinthaa
    There is no fear, doubt, suffering or anxiety there;

    Awvxu jwvxu imrqu n hoqw ]​
    vun jaavun miruth n hothaa
    there is no coming or going, and no death there.

    qh sdw Anµd Anhq AwKwry ]​
    theh sudh​
    aa anundh anehuth aakhaarae
    There is eternal bliss, and the unstruck celestial music there.

    Bgq vsih kIrqn AwDwry ]7]​
    bhuguth vuseh​
    i keeruthun aadhaarae
    The devotees dwell there, with the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises as their support. ||7||

    pwrbRhm kw AMqu n pwru ]​
    aarubrehum kaa anth n paar
    There is no end or limitation to the Supreme Lord God.

    kauxu krY qw kw bIcwru ]​
    un kurai thaa kaa beechaar
    Who can embrace His contemplation?

    khu nwnk ijsu ikrpw krY ]​
    u naanuk jis kirupaa kurai
    Says Nanak, when the Lord showers His Mercy,

    inhcl Qwnu swDsMig qrY ]8]4]​
    ihuchul thaan saadhusung thurai
    the imperishable home is obtained; in the Saadh Sangat, you shall be saved. ||8||4||

    Dear Gyani ji

    I think the answer to the question raised in shabd is in shabd Itself i,e

    shj isPiq Bgiq qqu igAwnw ]​
    sehuj s
    ifath bhugath thuth giaanaa
    Through the Praises of the Lord, devotional worship, spiritual wisdom and the essence of reality,

    Please put some more light on the issue disscused here

    Jatinder Singh

    #2 drkhalsa, Sep 1, 2005
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2005
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