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Video On Halal Meat In UK Stores


Mar 26, 2011
Thanks for sharing.
Why would anyone who is Not a Follower of Islam want meat that has been dedicated to a foreign deity??? It is OUTRAGEOUS that this meat is being foisted upon everyone regardless of their religion... or non-religion. So many shoppers & consumers are buying and eating it unwittingly... and we still wait for more transparency in labelling from Government or the EU!
A new video needs to be made as many of the links in The Secret Halal Meat Scandal are out of date as it was made in 2010.
This Australian one is an eye-opener and deals with the unnecessary COST of halal certificates!
If muslims want halal certificates - we live in a free society and they can have them - as long as they PAY for them... not us!
We are Not muslims and we do not require halal certificates... and we certainly do not want to find out that we have unwittingly bought a halal certified product that has those hidden donations to the expansion of Islam in our Non-islamic countries!
Boycott Halal in Australia
This Video comes from Q Society and the lady that has compiled HALAL CHOICES.
It is packed with information and you may need to watch it a few times to fully understand all the facts...
Understanding Halal Certification Schemes (Part 1 - 12 complete)

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