Islam Using "peace Be Upon Him"

Sat nam

I am part of a Muslim community which is very very accepting and tolerant of interfaith relationships (Islam for them is the act of bringing peace to one's life through a relationship with the Divine and surrendering to God. They are Muslim, but recognize like Sikhs that there are many paths to the One). They are more liberal than most liberals even. :) They are Muslim and practice Islam and all of it is expressed in deep compassion and kindness.

Around them, even a non-muslim can use the phrase which is said reverently after mentioning prophets. It is peace be upon him. I also use it reverently when I mention Mother Mary, Eve and Anna (Mary's mother) because I feel God's relationship with them was also a deeply prophetic message.

It got me wondering how Muslims here feel about non-Muslims using that term? I would assume it would not be a problem among Muslims, but I only know liberals so I'm wondering how it would be perceived by moderate, mainstream and conservative Muslims.

I'll finish my post with a song by Ani Zonneveld who is a Muslim. The song is an interfaith expression of Love in God, imho. mundahug

In My Soul by Ani Zonneveld
In My Soul by Ani Zonneveld - YouTube

Hope you enjoy the song. She just released a cd of new songs. cheerleader

Love to All